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==Key Cards==
* '''{{TCG ID|EX Team Rocket Returns|Dark Dragonite|15}}''' - While Dark Electrode got Energy cards into play, Dark Dragonite provided the means to get them off Dark Electrode (a useless attacker) and onto Rocket's Sneasel ex, via its ''Dark Trance'' {{TCG|Poké-Power}}. ''Dark Trance'' allowed the user to move {{e|Darkness}} Energy cards between his or her Pokémon as often as he or she liked. In addition to its synergy with Dark Electrode's ''Darkness Navigation'', Dark Dragonite could move all the Energy cards off a Pokémon before using {{TCG|Mr. Briney's Compassion}} to return that Pokémon to the hand. Then, the player could play that Pokémon back down and move the Energy back onto it, effectively losing nothing while removing all damage from that Pokémon.
* '''{{TCG ID|EX Team Rocket Returns|Dark Dragonair|31}}''' - Although it obviously serves as an evolutionary link between {{TCG ID|EX Team Rocket Returns|Dratini|53}} and Dark Dragonite, Dark Dragonair served an important purpose of its own. With the notable exceptions of Rocket's Sneasel ex and Dunsparce, every key component of DragTrode's strategy was an Evolution card. Dark Dragonair's ''Evolutionary Light'' Poké-Power allowed the user, upon evolving Dratini into Dark Dragonair, to search his or her deck for any Evolution card and add it to his or her hand. This substantially boosted the deck's speed and consistency.
* '''{{TCG ID|EX Team Rocket Returns|Dark Electrode|4}}''' - Dark Electrode's ''Darkness Navigation'' Poké-Power allowed the user to attach a {{e|Darkness} or {{TCG|Dark Metal Energy}} card from his or her deck to Dark Electrode once per turn. In combination with ''Dark Trance'', it effectively provided an additional energy attachment to an attacker each turn, giving the deck speed and the ability to recover quickly from knockouts.
* '''{{TCG ID|EX Team Rocket Returns|Rocket's Sneasel ex|103}}''' - Rocket's Sneasel ex is the deck's main attacker. Its first attack, ''Drag Off'', did only 10 damage for {{e|Darkness}}, but gave the user the option to bring up one of the opponent's Benched Pokémon and switch it with the active before doing damage. This was an effective measure to stall while setting up Dark Dragonite and Dark Electrode, and also gave the deck a means to go after the opponent's support Pokémon. If Rocket's Sneasel ex had multiple {{TCG|Darkness Energy}} attached to it, ''Drag Off'' could do a moderate amount of damage. The primary attack a DragTrode player aimed to use, though, was ''Dark Ring''. For a cost of {{e|Darkness}}{{e|Darkness}}{{e|Colorless}}, ''Dark Ring'' did 30 damage plus an additional 10 for each of the user's {{e|Darkness}}-type Pokémon in play. With Rocket's Sneasel ex, Dark Dragonite, and Dark Electrode all adding to ''Dark Ring''<nowiki>'</nowiki>s damage, combined with the damage bonus from any Darkness Energy attached to Rocket's Sneasel ex, ''Dark Ring'' could serve as an extremely powerful attack.