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Mr. Fuji

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'''Mr. Fuji''' (Japanese: '''フジろうじん''' ''Elder Fuji'') is a kind old man who lives in [[Lavender Town]].
He is theorized to be Dr. Fuji, who founded the [[Pokémon Lab]] in [[Cinnabar Island]] in the games, as the {{player}} is surprised to see the name when visiting it and interacting with his portrait there, indicating that they recognize him. The surprise however, is only shown in {{2v2|FireRed|LeafGreen}}, and the [[Generation I]] games only emphasized it likethe same as "[[Misty|The Tomboyish Mermaid!]]" was emphasized. This speculation also expands to the point of considering that game Dr. Fuji, being one and the same as Mr. Fuji, served as the inspiration for [[Dr. Fuji]] from ''[[M01|Mewtwo Strikes Back]]'', since they share their names and history in studying {{p|Mew}}.
==In the games==