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In dungeons
In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, Trawl Orbs no longer have an affect on items on Kecleon Shop Items. There is a downloadable map called "Kecleon Bazaar" where his shop appears frequently and sells mainly TMs and occasionally some flags and HMs. If the player has insufficient funds, Kecleon will be "disappointed" but he won't go after you yet. This allows you time to place back anything you do not wish to steal. Should you decide to keep walking past his shop tiles, it will be considered theft.
If you plan to do this action several times, it is recommended you bring several Pure Seeds, at least one Escape Orb, and effect [[Wonder OrbsOrb]]s such as Spurn Orbs and maybe some Totter Orbs with Petrify Orbs. The Pure Seeds allow you to travel to the room with the stairs; however, his comrades will warp there as well as every room you enter. Use your Wonder Orbs to rend him unable to block your pathway from the stairwell. Once you have succeeded, you can finally use your Escape Orb. While the theft is in progress, you are unable to use Escape Orbs. Read below for more information of other effects.
===Effects of theft===