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[[File:Trip Serperior Wrap.png|thumb|left|250px|Pikachu struggling against Serperior]]
In ''[[BW103|Curtain Up, Unova League!]]'', Ash chose to use Pikachu in the preliminary round of the [[Vertress Conference]] against Trip and his Serperior. Despite executing all his attacks perfectly, Serperior was able to dodge all of them with ease and knock Pikachu down with a powerful {{m|Dragon Tail}}. As the battle continued in ''[[BW104|Mission: Defeat Your Rival!]]'', Serperior hit Pikachu with an {{m|Energy Ball}} and a barrage of Dragon Tails, before {{m|wrap}}ping Pikachu in a tight squeeze. With great effort, Pikachu fired a Thunderbolt, but it proved useless, as Serperior simply stuck his tail into the ground, conducting the electricity away. As Pikachu was struggling to catch a breath and his face was turning purple, Serperior prepared to finish him off. Luckily, with some quick thinking from Ash, Pikachu was released from Serperior's grip by an Iron Tail. Before Pikachu could attack, however, he was once again hit by a Dragon Tail. As Serperior prepared for the next strike, Ash got an idea to use two moves at once to match Serperior's power, and had Pikachu to use Electro Ball and Iron Tail simultaneously. The attack combination collided with Serperior's Dragon Tail, causing a big explosion. As the smoke cleared, Serperior was still up and Pikachu was lying down, but Pikachu had, in fact, survived the attack and knockknocked out Serperior. Pikachu jumped in joy of winning the battle for Ash and leaped to his arms as the defeated Serperior fell down to the ground, much to Trip's shock and surprise.
In ''[[BW107|Cameron's Secret Weapon!]]'', Ash chose Pikachu as his fifth Pokémon during his [[Full Battle]] against {{un|Cameron}}, sending him out to face Cameron's {{p|Samurott}}. Despite being in type disadvantage, Samurott was able to block Pikachu's Thunderbolt and Quick Attack with {{m|Razor Shell}} before striking back with a powerful {{m|Hydro Cannon}}. The Formidable Pokémon then attempted to strike Pikachu with {{m|Megahorn}}, which Pikachu was, however, able to dodge before striking with another Quick Attack, this time successfully avoiding Samurott's Razor Shell defense. Ash kept on attacking by telling Pikachu to use Iron Tail, followed by an Electro Ball, forcing Samurott to block it with Razor Shell. This gave Pikachu an opportunity to serve another blow with Iron Tail, defeating Samurott. Cameron then sent out his next Pokémon, Swanna, attempting to keep distance to Pikachu. The Electric Mouse Pokémon was able to avoid Swanna's first attack attempt, a series of {{m|Pluck}}, as well as Swanna was able to avoid Pikachu's initial Quick Attack. However, Pikachu didn't manage to dodge Swanna's following {{m|Wing Attack}}, taking a notable amount of damage. Despite of this, Pikachu was able to dodge Swanna's following {{m|BubbleBeam}} and Wing Attack before serving the finishing strike with Electro Ball. When Cameron decided to use {{p|Riolu}}, Ash saw that Pikachu was getting tired, and recalled him, replacing him with Unfezant. [[BW108|Later during the battle]], Ash sent Pikachu out to face Cameron's newly evolved {{TP|Cameron|Lucario}}, which had just defeated Snivy, leaving Pikachu as Ash's last Pokémon. Pikachu started the round by launching a barrage of Quick Attacks, which all made a direct hits, until Lucario got its act together and hit Pikachu back with a {{m|Force Palm}}, causing heavy damage on him. This hit was then followed by a collision of {{m|Aura Sphere}} and Electro Ball, which was soon followed by a failed Force Palm attempt from Lucario, followed by a {{m|Circle Throw}}, which sent Pikachu flying high into the air. Despite of the thretening situation, Pikachu was able to land smoothly and hit Lucario with a fierce Thunderbolt, followed by an Iron Tail, which was countered by Lucario's own {{m|Copycat}}-Iron Tail. At this point, both Pokémon were struggling to get on their feet, which they eventually managed to do with their Trainers' encouragements. Drawing out the last drops of their strengths, Pikachu and Lucario fired another blasts of Electro Ball and Aura Sphere, respectively. This time, however, the collision didn't end in a draw, as Aura Sphere overpowered tired Pikachu's Electro Ball, and the {{type|Fighting}} move hit the Electric Mouse Pokémon, knocking him out and thus eliminating Ash from the Vertress Conference, placing him in top 8.