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: ''"Split up! You, go check {{rt|20|Unova}}!"''
: ''"If I'd lost, my precious Pokémon would've been taken! Thanks, you two! Use this!
* After returning to Virbank City:
: ''"I thought your movie was pretty good."''
: ''"C'mon! Don't get down! You can keep trying while you continue on as captain! As long as you don't cause anyone trouble, I won't get mad. I don't know how the Pokéstar Studios people feel about that, though!"''
: ''"Oh... Did you hear us? Well, it looks like everyone from Team Plasma got away... I don't feel really good about it, but at least they're gone. Oh! There was a lot of ruckus, but you can sail to [[Castelia City]] now!"''
'''[[Pokémon World Tournament]]'''