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Inn[[BW118]] it was sent out to fight a {{p|Magnezone}} that belonged to {{un|Brad}} of [[Team Plasma]]. [[Cilan's Pansage]] also battled Magnezone, but when its {{m|Bullet Seed}} collided with Magnezone's {{m|Magnet Bomb}} there was an explosion, which caused the seeds to backfire and strike Pignite, knocking it out.
In the next episode, Pignite wasn't feeling well and would not eat its food, much to Ash's concern. It had trouble breathing through its nostrils. {{OP|[[Iris|'s Axew}}]] noticed that there was something blocking it. Ash encouraged it to jump up and down to try and loosen the blockage, but this didn't work. Ash decided to use his {{TP|Ash|Charizard}} to help. It took Pignite into the air and spun it round, then released it. He was not happy with this at all. Pignite was about to crash into the ground, but Charizard picked it up before it could hit it. Iris then had an idea: To make Pignite sneeze the blockage out. Using some grass to tickle his nose, Pignite then sneezed out two seeds. It was realised that, when the bullet seeds from battling Team Plasma backfired, two of them must have accidentally gone up Pignite's snout. With its snout unblocked, Pignite felt normal again and used a flamethower to show it was happy.
==Personality and characteristics==
[[File:Ash and Pignite.png|thumb|right|250px|Ash and Pignite]]