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Kinesis (move)

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* This move is a reference to the psychokinetic spoon bending tricks popularized by stage psychic {{wp|Uri Geller}}.
* UntilIn {{game|YellowRed}} and {{game|Blue}}, it was impossible to learn Kinesis, as neither Kadabra nor Alakazam learn it by leveling up. It only appeared as a random {{m|Metronome}} move. prior{{game|Yellow}} featured wild Kadabra's that could be caught and later games featured [[Move relearner]]s that allowed Kadabra and Alakazam to learn the move.
* Along with {{m|Barrage}}, {{m|Leech Life}}, and {{m|Struggle}}, Kinesis is one of four moves originating from Generation I that has not been featured in the anime.