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[[Carr]] looks at the photograph of a young {{adv|Giovanni}} and a small child, which he assumes is Giovanni's son. He recalls rumors around Team Rocket who had a son that went missing for unknown reason. Since {{adv|Deoxys}} will have heightened powers when it awakens, Carr guesses that Giovanni wants to use it to find his lost son. Giovanni sends out his Pokémon and goes off to [[Birth Island]].
On Five Island, {{adv|Red}} keeps running off, only to trip on the beach. He begins apologizing to his team for losing to Deoxys. He apologizes to [[Pika]], who he claims fought the hardest against Deoxys but still lost. He begins crying and begs his Pokémon to forgive him. {{adv|Green}} suddenly appears riding on top of [[Jiggly]]. Red assumes she's here to beratedberate him for being a coward. Green reveals that [[Kimberly]] told her about all that Red did for her.
Red states that despite all he promised, he failed to find her parents as well as getting his Pokémon seriously help. Red claims that he's no longer worthy of owning a Pokédex. When Green asks him where he's going, Red states that he's going to leave the Sevii Islands, as that will mean the attacks will stop. Green asks if Red thinks that {{adv|Professor Oak}} took the Pokédex away because he had given up on him. When Red states that he does, Green tells him that he's wrong. Green reveals that Professor Oak took the Pokédexes so that they can be upgraded into a National Pokédex mode. She reveals what happened to her the day before Red and Blue went to Professor Oak's laboratory.