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Tyson (Hoenn)

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He then watched the six-on-six battle between Ash and his opponent, [[Katie]].
Tyson defeated his opponent's {{p|Rhydon}} with Meowth in ''[[AG129|A JudgementJudgment Brawl]]'' after Ash defeated Katie.
He battled Ash in ''[[AG130|Choose It or Lose It!]]'' and ''[[AG131|At The End of the Fray!]]''. Tyson was a very tough foe for Ash as both sides were down to their last Pokémon, Pikachu and Meowth respectively. After a long battle, both sides were having trouble standing up. However, Meowth emerged victorious when it was the only one standing. Tyson congratulated Ash for a good battle. Tyson then went on to the finals and ended up winning the Hoenn League, having the chance to battle the Hoenn [[Elite Four]].