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:I don't have any solid data on this, but the effectiveness of a given level of warming appears to be somewhat random. In my case, what happened once was that I hatched a newer Eevee egg using fewer levels of warming than an older Eevee egg (the older egg should have hatched first). Or at least, that's what I remember having happened (it was a while ago). :P --[[User:Ragamander|Ragamander]] ([[User talk:Ragamander|talk]]) 07:59, 16 March 2013 (UTC)
::To me, it being random doesn't make any sense, or there would be no need for levels. I can gather it would be tough to determine seeing as two identical eggs could have a different number of total cycles needed to hatch them, but I'm sure someone out there has broken into the game code to see what each one does exactly. [[User:Schiffy|Schiffy]] ([[User talk:Schiffy|talk]]) 14:47, 16 March 2013 (UTC)
:Based on the extremely limited testing I've done so far, it looks like some very bizarre system was set up. It does appear random, to some extent. I saved in front of the nursery and then just tried several combinations out over and over again, restarting every time. It would seem that what happens is, when the "service" is generated for the day, it is randomly assigned some value of "egg hatching effectiveness," which is then kept until the next shop service regeneration. The same "Warm Lv3" got the same response of "doesn't seem close to hatching" while another consistently brought the same egg to "close to hatching." I'm guessing that having a higher level will make it MORE LIKELY to generate a good result, but it's not assured. Basically, one day my Lv3's were sucky enough to need three to hatch the egg, while my Lv2's got it done in two services. Two of the Lv3's just left it at "doesn't seem close" while there third hatched it, but when switching it up and doing that third Lv3 first, it brought it all the way to "close to," thus meaning saving it until the end was a waste. Lv5 has so far pretty much always got it to hatch, but I seem to remember a Lv4 leaving it at "close to." I would say that, essentially, the services are generated with a set number of steps they will remove, with more of a chance of it being higher, or maybe just in some sort of higher range of values, the higher their level is.
:Basically, save and test out which services bring the egg closer to hatching so you can get those first. I probably won't be able to add more as I'm not a coding person, but this is what happened when I did some simple save scumming. [[User:Erasmus|Erasmus]] ([[User talk:Erasmus|talk]]) 19:08, 25 March 2013 (UTC)