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Shouldn't Ash's Pikachu be considered Legendary? Or at least, a 100 lvl pokemon? Ash has had Pikachu for over 13 years, I'm guessing? And if I remember, the episode in which Meloetta was captured (not with pokeball) by Giovani, Pikachu had used a giant electro-ball to first of all get rid of the Glass-Stone thingy Giovanni was spirited (Joined) with. (Episode 14 season 16 Unova's Survival Crisis). I admit the power he got was from Thundurus, but being able to control all that energy and releasing it in a direct shot and not missing, is incredible. I would say he's lvl 100? He's beaten so many pokemon, even higher level of him and with a disadvantage. "I have to admit, that Pikachu is something" was Jessie's line in the same episode (Episode 14 Season 16). Who doesn't admit that. Beating practically all types of pokemon, he's legendary. -Heroster991
:Even though Ash's Pikachu is strong, Pikachu in general are not legendary, making Ash's Pikachu not legendary. And with level, Pikachu does not level up normally, every new region Ash goes to Pikachu seems to revert back to lv. 5 or he would be able to beat all Gym Leaders immediately. -[[User:IVsaur|<span style="color:lightbrown">EVs</span><small><span style="color:black">and</span></small><span style="color:green">IVsaurs</span>]] 14:03, 21 March 2013 (UTC)
:Dare I bring up [[BW001]], when Pikachu couldn't even beat a level 5 Snivy without electric attacks? Levels don't work the same way in the anime as they do in the games. I agree that Pikachu ''should'' be level 100, but Pikachu ''should'' have defeated that Snivy with one Quick Attack too.--[[User:Alex726|<font color="#7F7F7F">'''Alex'''</font><font color="#000000">'''726'''</font>]]<sub>[[User talk:Alex726|<font color="#007100">'''(T</font><font color="#DF0000">AL</font><font color="#0000A0">K)'''</font>]]</sub> 02:43, 24 March 2013 (UTC)