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Back at the tree, Pikachu tries waking Ash who notices Oshawott is gone. Iris wakes up and finds Axew and Emolga gone as well. She climbs up the tree and sees where they're at in the forest and the four of them go in to retrieve their Pokémon. Oshawott attempts to defend Emolga, who has departed to a nearby bush, and uses {{m|Razor Shell}} on the Simisear. It was futile however as Oshawott is easily sent flying into a tree and knocked out. Axew rushes over to Oshawott's side as the Simisear approaches Emolga. Emolga throws an apple core at the Simisear causing it to rampage and tear apart nearby foliage. As Emolga runs by Axew stops her, not wanting to leave Oshawott alone with the rampaging Pokémon. Simisear gets ready to punch the two when a vine wraps around its arm, holding back its fist. Snivy, who had been watching from a tree, saved Emolga and Axew. Simisear then fires a Flamethrower at Snivy who gracefully dodges and lands beside Emolga and Axew. Emolga begins backing away but is brought back by Vine Whip.
Ash and co. arrive and Ash scans the Simisear into his Pokédex. Simisear fires a Flamethrower at Axew and Oshawott, but it is countered by Snivy's {{m|Leaf Blade}}. Before she could counter attackcounterattack, the Simisear punches Snivy. Emolga decides to help and begins flying around and taunting the Simisear firing off sporadic Hidden Powers. The Simisear snaps and launches a heated Flamethrower at Emolga that just barely misses. Snivy then pulls it off its feet with Vine Whip, sending its Flamethrower up into the air which hits a nearby cliff. This causes part of the cliff to break off and come plummeting towards the Simisear. As the Simisear is paralyzed in fear of being crushed, Emolga and Snivy reduce the boulder to pebbles using the combined power of Hidden Power and {{m|Leaf Storm}}. The Simisear gets up and sneers at the two before walking off into the forest. Emolga goes over and presents an apple to Snivy who then splits it into three pieces for Axew and Emolga.
Returning to the clearing, Bianca comments on all the Pokémon Iris has managed to obtain thus far and Ash shows her the three Badges he's obtained. Astonished, Bianca realizes she needs to get her third Badge as well, and departs from the group.