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chapter=Emerald |
number=321 |
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'''VS. Kirlia''' (Japanese: '''VSキルリア''' ''VS. Kirlia'') is the 321st round of the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga in the {{chap|Emerald}}.
{{adv|Emeraldspoilers}} isn't too pleased to see {{adv|Ruby}} and {{adv|Sapphire}}, despite them formally introducing themselves as his allies, believing that [[Professor Oak]] sent them. The two correct Emerald and say it was [[Professor Birch]] who did, which doesn't impress Emerald either. Emerald is insistent that he doesn't need any help and turns to leave, with [[Emerald's Sceptile|Sceptile]] lashing out with an {{m|Iron Tail}} and tossing the two Trainer back. Sapphire is worried that they should follow, but Ruby points out that they're all due to meet up in the [[Battle Dome]] tournament in any case. As he starts moaning over how his clothes are stained with Emerald's urine from [[PS320|earlier]], Sapphire begins to criticize his habits and the two once again begin to bicker. [[Scott]], meanwhile, spots them from afar, noting that they have arrived as expected.
{{adv|Ruby}} and {{adv|Sapphire}} introduce themselves as two other Pokédex holders from Hoenn. {{adv|Emerald}} demands to know if it was {{adv|Professor Oak}} and {{adv|Crystal}} who sent them, but they correct him by stating that it was [[Professor Birch]] who sent them to help. Emerald states that he doesn't need help and runs off. Ruby and Sapphire try to get him to stay, but {{TP|Emerald|Sceptile}} lashes out with {{m|Iron Tail}}, sending the two Trainers flying.
AsSapphire thestates matchesthat continuethey onshould infollow the Battle Domehim, [[Domebut AceRuby Tucker]]states hasthat appearedthey amongstwill thebe lineupcompeting ofwith challengers participatinghim in the elimination-styleBattle Dome tournament anyway. MostRuby ofbegins thesmelling reporters are bankingsomething on Emeraldhis makingclothes itand alldecides thethat wayhe toneeds thea top, but onechange of them notes that the newcomers inclothes. Ruby and Sapphire are proving themselves to be equally promising. Eventually, the three [[Pokédex holders]] and Tucker end up in the semi-final round. Scott asks Tucker what'lls happenprissy ifattitude heangers loses before the grand finalSapphire, towho whichquestions thewhy Braina statesboy thatwould theact Frontier Symbol will go to whoever wins the final match - notlike that. he's intending to loseMeanwhile, of course. Tucker swears that he will win and show [[Guile HideoutScott]] howspots seriousthem hefrom isafar, aboutnoting improvingthat himselfthey thehave nextarrived time the Brains clash with theas villainexpected.
BeforeBack Emeraldinside isthe toBattle fight RubyDome, hethe beginspress checkingare upexcited onto Ruby'ssee data,real onlyTrainers battling as opposed to bevirtual interruptedTrainers. byThey Rubynote takinghow various{{FB|Dome photographsAce|Tucker}} andhas videosappeared amongst the lineup of [[Mumu]],challengers [[Mimi]]participating andin Rara,the muchtournament. Most of the reporters are banking on Emerald making it all the way to the chagrintop, but one of them notes that the referee.newcomers in Ruby isand insistentSapphire thatare heproving takethemselves recordsto ofbe hisequally Pokémon'spromising. developmentRuby, with [[Mumu]], and declaresSapphire, towith [[Chic]], easily defeats their opponents with a bemusedsingle hit, allowing them to advance to the next round. Emerald thatand allTucker threealso ofbeat histheir Pokémonopponents, arewhich availableallows forthem Emeraldall to seeadvance to the semifinal round.
TheScott matchnotes kicks off with Ruby sending out Rara, and Emerald responds with his {{p|Dusclops}} forthat the typematch-ups advantage. Rara begins with a wave of {{m|Hypnosis}}, butbetween Emerald encouragesvs Dusclops to fight the drowsinessRuby and counterSapphire withvs {{m|ShadowTucker Ball}},will whichbe makes a direct hitinteresting. EmeraldScott ordersgoes aover barrageto of the ghostly orbs, but Rara somehow managesTucker to remainask Emerald is surprised at this, thinking that the {{p|Kirlia}} must have unusually high defenses, before commanding a {{m|Fire Punch}} that not only hits home, but also inflicts the burne's statusdoing. EmeraldHe cheerswonders that now Rarawhat will losehappen additional health as time goes on, but from behind,if Tucker pointsloses outto thatSapphire Emerald's victory is far from guaranteed asbefore he gesturesgets towards Dusclops.battle Emerald is horrified to see Dusclops suffering from a burn as well, realizing that Rara must have the {{a|Synchronize}} Ability. Tucker confirmssuggests that thewhoever Ability forceswins the user'stournament opponentwill tobe shareawarded the sameTactics status conditionsSymbol, whilebut Scott suggestsstates that Rarahe hadwon't usedlose {{m|Imprison}}anyway. earlier,Tucker meaningstates that nonehe of Dusclopsdoesn'st Shadowcare Ballabout attacks had actually worked. Both Pokémon collapse as the burns wipe out the remainder of their healthwinning, and thethat referee declares the battle as a draw to the roaring crowd. Emerald grins at Ruby, realizingall that his opponentmatters is clearly agetting strong one,enough andto Rubybeat merely[[Guile smilesHideout|Guile]].
SendingIn outthe Mimifirst nextsemifinal match, RubyEmerald musesand ifRuby Emeraldgo willon sendthe outstage. SceptileEmerald forattempts theto typecheck advantageRuby's, Emeraldonly isto somewhatbe surprisedinterrupted thatby Ruby isn'trecording bothered[[Mumu]], by{{adv|Mimi}}, elementaland disadvantages,Rara. butA neverthelessreferee sendsenters outthe Sceptilestage, demanding to doknow battlewhat -Ruby is doing, only for Ruby to betell interruptedhim asto Rubyset beginsup arguinga withstage stafflight aboutfor thehis stadiumPokémon. lightingRuby nottells showingEmerald Mimithat he doesn'st goodneed sideto check up on his team, muchas he already made them available to see. Ruby sends out Rara first, so Emerald's irritationcounters with his {{p|Dusclops}}.
Rara starts off with a {{m|Hypnosis}} to put Dusclops to sleep. Dusclops manages to break free of the spell, so it fires of a super effective {{m|Shadow Ball}} at Rara. Despite the endless barrage of Shadow Balls, Rara manages to keep standing, so Emerald has Dusclops use {{m|Fire Punch}}. The attack gives Rara a burn, making it so that Rara will lose health as the battle goes on. Tucker questions if that will help him win as he gestures towards Dusclops. Emerald notes how Dusclops is burned, too, which is the result of Rara's Ability, {{a|Synchronize}}.
Tucker confirms that the Ability forces the user's opponent to share the same status conditions, while Scott suggests that Rara had used {{m|Imprison}} earlier, meaning that none of Dusclops's Shadow Ball attacks had actually worked. Emerald is shocked to see that all of his attacks were for nothing as both Pokémon fall to the ground, fainted. Emerald realizes that his opponent is strong, while Ruby merely replies with a grin. For his last Pokémon, Ruby sends out Mimi.
Ruby muses if Emerald will send out Sceptile for the type advantage again. Emerald is confused to see how Ruby is so confident that he doesn't care about type match-ups. Either way, Emerald sends out Sceptile to do battle, only to be interrupted by Ruby. Much to Emerald's irritation, Ruby begins arguing with the staff about the stadium lighting not showing Mimi's good side.
==Major events==
* {{adv|SapphireEmerald}} andrefuses {{adv|Ruby}} come to theand {{Gdisadv|Battle Frontier|IIISapphire}}'s offer to help {{adv|Emerald}}him.
* {{adv|Ruby}} battles against {{adv|Emerald}} incontinues thehis {{DL|Battle FrontierDome (Generation III)|Battle Dome}}challenge.
* {{adv|Sapphire}} and {{adv|Ruby}} begin competing in the {{DL|Battle Frontier (Generation III)|Battle Dome}}.
* {{adv|Emerald}} battles against {{adv|Ruby}}.
* [[Scott]]
* {{FB|Dome Ace|Tucker}}
* [[Professor Birch]] (fantasy)
* [[Guile Hideout]] (fantasy)
* Press
* {{p|Sceptile}} ({{advOP|Emerald|Sceptile}}'s)
* {{p|Dusclops}} ({{adv|Emerald}}'s)
* {{p|SalamenceSwampert}} (Tucker[[Mumu]]/{{tt|Zuzu|Chuang Yi}}; {{adv|Ruby}}'s)
* {{p|BlazikenMilotic}} ([[Chic]]{{adv|Mimi}}; {{adv|SapphireRuby}}'s)
* {{p|SwampertKirlia}} (MumuRara/{{tt|Ruru|Chuang Yi}}; {{adv|Ruby}}'s)
* {{p|MiloticBlaziken}} (Mimi[[Chic]]/{{tt|Toro|Chuang Yi}}; {{adv|RubySapphire}}'s)
* {{p|KirliaSalamence}} (Rara; {{advFB|Dome Ace|RubyTucker}}'s)
* TheIn the Chuang Yi translation, Ruby mistakenly calls the {{type|Grass}} is mentioned as the "Leaf-type".
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