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With {{Ash}}'s sixth [[Badge|Gym Badge]] won, he and {{ashfr}} prepare to head to [[Chocovine Town]] for {{an|Dawn}}'s next {{pkmn|Contest}}. However, the boats are unable to leave because the harbor is blocked by a school of {{p|Wailord}}. They have a picnic to wait out the blockade when a {{p|Luxio}} appears and begins to steal food from the group. Piplup and Pikachu attempt to stop the Luxio, but a Whismur and Nidoran help Luxio and manage to steal the food. Ash chases them into the sewer to find many Pokémon living in a chamber in the sewers, and that Luxio is their leader. Dawn and Brock try to follow him, but a short battle with {{TRT}} leaves the manhole cover sealed shut. [[Brock's Happiny]] tries to pull it off, but to no avail. Dawn then sends out her {{TP|Dawn|Mamoswine}} andbut it, as usual, doesn't listen to Dawn. Dawn bribes it with Poffins to open the manhole cover. He charges Dawn and stomps on the ground, opening the manhole cover and sending Dawn and her Poffins into the air. Mamoswine eats the Poffins as they fall; Happiny catches Dawn. Down in the sewers, Piplup leads the gang around the sewers to find Ash, although they often just miss each other.
Ash keeps following Luxio until he sees a {{p|Wailmer}} stranded on a walkway in the sewers, too tired to move. He sends out Buizel to hydrate Wailmer, and help it get into the water. He figures out that the Wailord are probably worried about it, and decide to help it out. They head up the sewers toward the ocean, though they run into a drop on the way there. With a rope and the help of the other Pokémon, they are able to pull Wailmer over the first drop, but then are blocked by another huge drop. Ash enlists the help of all the Pokémon in the sewer, making an ice ramp up the drop and pushing Wailmer up on a sled. The plan works until the ramp crumbles half-way, and the Wailmer is struggling air-born. A {{p|Venonat}} asks Luxio to hit him up, which knocks Wailmer the rest of the way up the drop.