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Trivia: I read the Japanese version and those types are always refered to as Honoo type and Jimen type, the usual for both
**Brock's Graveler is seen floating like Geodude instead of having feet.
*Throughout the series, almost every protagonist starts out with a Pokémon other than the traditional starter Pokémon that are chosen in the games, except {{adv|Emerald}} and {{adv|White}}. However, each protagonist eventually gets one, near the start of the chapter.
*In some instances in the translated version, the Fire type is referred to as Flame and the Ground type is referred to as Earth.
*In some instances, the Ground type is referred to as Earth.
*Pokémon are sized different than in the games, as a {{p|Voltorb}} may be larger than an {{p|Electrode}}. Pokémon such as {{p|Electabuzz}}, {{p|Ho-Oh}}, and {{p|Lugia}} are shown to be larger than in the games, and some Pokémon are smaller, such as La Glace, [[Pryce]]'s newly hatched [[Lapras]].
*The starters given to characters based on the male protagonists in the games appear to cycle through {{t|Grass}} ({{adv|Red}} and {{adv|Diamond}}), {{t|Fire}} ({{adv|Gold}} and {{adv|Black}}), and {{t|Water}} ({{adv|Ruby}}).