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Dawn (anime)

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Later on, Dawn began with more complex combinations, such as Flame Ice and Ice Chandelier, moves that were both powerful and beautiful. After a lot of practice, Dawn's Pokémon were able to master these combinations in battle. Coincidentally, both of these were used to defeat [[Ursula]].
Dawn is muchvery different than any of Ash's {{ashfr|other friends}}. Dawn has more concern about her appearance, as she will not show herself to Ash or Brock until she feels that her appearance is perfect. That may be a reason why she decides to sleep inside a tent while the others sleep outside. However, she has recently been seen sleeping outside with the others, such as in ''[[DP053|Tears for Fears!]]''. Every time she's going to be on camera, she needs to take a moment to brush her hair before going on, such as in ''[[DP174|Last Call, First Round!]]''.
In ''[[DP070|The Bells Are Singing!]]'', Dawn revealed that she was the one to design {{TP|Dawn|Buneary}}'s vest (but also admitted that her mother was the one to sew it). In ''[[DP086|Arriving in Style!]]'', she demonstrated her talent for designing again, sketching many different dresses for the [[Hearthome Collection]], though she rejected all of them.