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'''Trixie''' (Japanese: '''ヒバリ''' ''Hibari'') is the [[character of the day]] in ''[[EP153|Love, Totodile Style]]''. She and her Pokémon are performers in a Pokémon circus.
Trixie met {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} when looking for her lost {{p|Azumarill}}. Recently, Azumarill had started acting differently and not performing as well as she used to. [[Ash's Totodile]] fell in love with Azumarill, but Azumarill wanted nothing to do with him. When Azumarill was captured by {{TRT}}, Totodile came to her rescue, but was captured as well. Trixie had a {{p|Pidgey}} lead them to Team Rocket's balloon, and Ash's Pokémon set the captives free. Azumarill now finally expressed her love. But to everyone's surprise not for Totodile, but for Trixie's {{p|Golduck}}. This eventually helped her getting over her performance anxiety.