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[[File:Sir Aaron Lucario painting.png|thumb|left|180px|A painting of Sir Aaron and his Lucario]]
Sir Aaron iswas a knight of [[Cameran Palace]]. He iswas also an Aura Guardian, able to manipulate a type of energy known as [[Aura]], which is why he is called the True Guardian of Aura. He taught {{mov|Lucario|Lucario|8}}, his student, how to use this energy as well. Because of this, the two becomebecame close friends. Lucario, however, still saw their relationship as one of master and servant.
Aaron left the castle to stop a war between two unknown armies before they destroyed his kingdom. He found Lucario, whom he told that he was never going back to the castle. Lucario instantly jumpsjumped to the wrong conclusion: Aaron had left the kingdom for dead, and Aaron then sealed himLucario in his staff.
[[File:Sir Aaron deceasing.png|thumb|left|180px|Sir Aaron]]
Before he died to stop the war, he sent a message to Lucario using a time flower, saying he was his friend and that he did not want Lucario to share the same fate he suffered. Aaron said, "Aura is with me," and restored {{mov|Mew|Mew|8}}'s power by sacrificing himself. Lucario did not know what had happened, and thought Aaron was abandoning the castle instead of saving it.
[[Ash Ketchum]] has the same Aura as Sir Aaron. Because of this, Lucario first mistook Ash for Aaron. Ash is also able to use the same powers as Aaron when he wears the special gloves that Aaron wore. Coincidentally, Ash dressed up exactly as heAaron did in the tournament.
|desc={{p|Pidgeot}} was Sir Aaron's prime method of transportation in the film. As Sir Aaron was riding on it, it was able to evade the attacks of other {{type|Flying}} Pokémon.
Sir Aaron later asked it to bring his staff containing Lucario to [[Queen Rin]]. It has not been seen since, except in a painting of Sir Aaron riding it placed in [[Cameran Palace]]. }}
None of Pidgeot's moves are known.}}