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==Obtaining key items==
[[Image:key_gen1and2c.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Key items cannot be sold.]]
Key items are generally not found lying on the ground, but are usually obtained throughout the storyline and are given to the player by other people. Once a player has obtained a key item, there is no way of getting rid of it unless it is part of the main storyline. For example, the {{DLkey|List of key items in Generation II|Machine Part}} found in [[Kanto]] in [[Generation II]] as part of the mission to save the [[Power Plant]] could only be removed when the player had taken it back to the Plant and given it to the manager. Some key items, such as the {{DLkey|List of key items in Generation II|SquirtBottle}}, are not deleted once their usefulness has passed and remain in the inventory for the remainder of the game. Prior to [[Generation IV]], Key Items can be deposited in a PC.
==Common key items==
==Exchanging key items==
The exchanging of one key item for another has been present since [[Generation I]]: a {{DL|List of key items in Generation |I|Bike Voucher}} was given to the player to exchange for a [[Bicycle]]. Key item exchanging can only happen once, with the exception of [[Generation III]], in which the player can swap the two bikes (the {{DL|Bicycle|Mach Bike}} and the {{DL|Bicycle|Acro Bike}}) as they choose. In any case, only one or two items could be exchanged.
==List of all key items==