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[[File:GermanReturn Specialto VolumeViridian 3Gym.jpgpng|rightthumb|100px|thumb250px|Red saves Yellow from the wild Dratini; the cover of the German version of Pokémon Adventures third volume.]]
'''SpecialShipping''' (Japanese: '''レイエ''' ''ReIe'') is the belief that {{adv|Red}} and {{adv|Yellow}} belong in a [[Shipping|romantic relationship]]. This pairing is one of the more popular ships; however, some consider it to be a one-sided [[canon]] on Yellow's part, since Red doesn't seem to returnrecognize theher feelings ordue evento recognizehis slightly oblivious themnature. The name is derived from ''Pokémon Special'', the Japanese name of [[Pokémon Adventures]]. Its rivals include [[LuckyShipping]] and [[MangaPokéShipping]].
From their first meeting, both Red and Yellow have shown signs of strong fondness for the other. Ever since Red saved Yellow's life when she was young, she's harbored an admiration for him, even drawing pictures of him in her notebook. Whenever Red and Yellow interact, Yellow usually blushes and gets flustered; needless to say, if Yellow doesn't have feelings for Red, she admires him more than the average fan. On the other hand, Red's feelings are a lot harder to decipher. Because Red doesn't seem to think about potential romances, it's certainly questionable whether or not Red has feelings for Yellow. Red is depicted as having a relationship that is closer to Yellow than most others, and generally gives her most of his attention whenever she is around.
Also, being one of the heroes of the manga, Red has a fierce desire to both protect and impress; while Yellow is by no means helpless or weak, she is sure to be content and pleased by her hero protecting/saving her (which Red has done numerous times). Both characters are shown to be more innocent and easygoing, characteristics that bind the two together in closeness, and as fans hope, as a possible couple. So, aside from the duo's obvious close relationship, Red and Yellow would treat the other how they'd prefer to be treated by a significant other, thus supporting the theory of the two growing together as a couple.
==={{chap|FireRed & LeafGreen}}===
*''Round 287, [[PS287|Secrets from Sneasel]]
**Yellow tells Chuchu that she is nervous as she has not seen 'him' for a long time. However, it is unclear whether it is Red or Blue that she is referring to, as she is outside the [[Viridian Gym]] in the next scene while wondering if Blue is back yet, then talks about Red in the next. Fans tend to assume that it is the former.
*''Round 298, [[PS298|EscapeStart fromthe aCountdown, Black HoleStarmie]]''
**In the storyline, after Red and Yellow have been trapped on [[Team Rocket]]'s airship by Team Rocket's [[Beast Warrior Trio]], [[Orm]] and [[Sird]] wonder whether they should lock the two up in one room, and laugh that it would make a very touching reunion. It brings up the "living together" comment once more except in a more serious situation.
*''Round 299, [[PS299|CallDistant ofRelation InstinctDeoxys]]''
**In addition, as Yellow and {{p|Mewtwo}} are being transported off the aircraft by {{p|Deoxys}}, Yellow swings out her fishing line, which catches Red's finger in the same way as her Caterpie's String Shot in the end of the Yellow saga.
*''Round 301, [[PS301|Red,Storming the BattlerForretress]]''
**As Yellow is found by Green, {{Adv|Silver}} and {{Adv|Blue}}, she, despite being fast asleep, is still thinking about Red. She explains with conviction that Red always keeps his promises, and thus will definitely return to her this time.
*''Round 302, [[PS302|Holders'Phew Bondfor Mew]]''
**When the Pokédex holders are frozen into stone, an unconscious Yellow is being held in the arms of Red.
'''PikaChuChuShipping''' is the belief that Red's [[Pika]] and Yellow's [[Chuchu]] are in a romantic relationship, and is considered canon by some. Supporters of SpecialShipping or not, most fans of the manga have agreed that they have shown signs of affection toward each other throughout the {{chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}}. The situation escalated when the two {{p|Pikachu}} mated to produce an [[Pokémon Egg|egg]] at the Goldenrod Daycare Center, which later hatched into a {{DL|Gold (Adventures)|Pichu}}. This could be a sign that Red and Yellow will be in a romantic relationship in future, since in the anime, [[Professor Oak]] and {{an|Brock}} have said in the past that Pokémon represent the feelings of their masters and when two Pokémon fall in love, there is a good chance the Trainers will too. This is similar to how fans relate [[AdvanceShipping]] and [[VineShipping]], or [[PearlShipping]] and [[LagomorphShipping]] to each other. However, the claim has also been refuted at various points of the anime, so the feelings of the Pokémon are not always definitive to the feelings of the Trainers;. in In addition, at the animeend of the Emerald chapter, Red's [[Vee]] and Green's [[Ditty]] stare at each other in happiness, hinting at the mangatwo dopossibly notmating alwaysto shareproduce an egg. This refutes the claim aforementioned above as it implies that [[Red_(Adventures)|Red]] and [[Green_(Adventures)|Green]] would also enter a romantic relationship whilst at the same logictime, Pika and Chuchu are still content and happy with each other and Pibu.
===Notable PikaChuChuShippers===