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I'm not a shipper and I'm not up to date on the manga (got here through random button) but this seemed sort of biased and flaky. Tried to rewrite it a bit less so.
'''OldrivalShipping''' (Japanese: '''グリブル''' ''GuriBuru'') is the name of the pairing of {{adv|Blue}} and {{adv|Green}} of the [[Pokémon Adventures]] {{pkmn|manga}}. While thisThis pairing is possible, it is oftensometimes overlooked, andas somethere fans choose to refer to thisis Shippingnot as amuch "crackflirtatious pairing"behaviour duebetween toBlue the factand Green rarelywhen showscompared flirtatiousto, actionsfor to Blueexample, butGreen more toand {{adv|Red}}. Despite this, this pairing is one of the most popular ships.