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Synopsis: are all these move-by-move descriptions really necessary? In any case, I fixed some mistakes.
After re-gaining her confidence in a battle with {{an|Dawn}}, Maylene's accepts Ash's Gym battle challenge. InAsh and Maylene participate in a fierce 3 on 3 fight, while Dawn cheers for them along with her Pokémon. Ash sends out his {{AP|Staravia}} to battle against Maylene's {{p|Machoke}}, then the match begins. Ash commands his Staravia to use {{m|Quick Attack}} but Machoke counters it with {{m|Brick Break}}. Dawn then realizes that Machoke uses Brick Break to defend itself from the Quick Attack. Ash commands his Staravia to push back, using {{m|Whirlwind}} then usingfollowing up with an {{m|Aerial Ace}} attack. Machoke easily dodges it, then Maylene commands her Machoke to use {{m|Cross Chop}}, leading Staravia to take a critical hit. Brock points out that Ash wants Staravia to get closer with Aerial Ace. Maylene commands her Machoke to keep using {{m|Brick Break}} which hits Staravia multiple times. Brock hints that Staravia can't afford to take many more hits. Maylene then commands her Machoke to use {{m|Seismic Toss}} as a finishing attack. Ash tells his Staravia to use Quick Attack with intense speed which hits Maylene's Machoke; Staravia then repeatingrepeats its strategy by using Aerial Ace which leads Machoke to be knocked out.
The scene changes to {{TRT}} planning to poach the Gym's Pokémon by looking at the doors. They find themselves in a relaxation room in which Team Rocket plan to have a massage first before poaching the Gym's Pokémon. Maylene sends out Meditite, a Psychic-type Pokémon, while Ash is staying withkeeps his Staravia in. Ash commandcommands Staravia to use Quick Attack, but Meditite easily dodges it with {{m|Detect}} then uses {{m|Meditate}} to raise its Attack. Again Staravia uses Aerial Ace for the third timeagain, but Maylene commands her Meditite to use Detect to detect Staravia's moves, and then Meditate to raise its Attack power so she can finish it all in one hit. Ash commands Staravia to ruin their concentration. Maylene commands her Meditite to bounce off the wall and use {{m|Drain Punch}}, which hits Staravia. Ash commands his Staravia to keep going by using Aerial Ace at, Meditite but Meditite uses {{m|Confusion}}, which confuses Staravia. Ash calls Staravia back into its Poké Ball. Then Ash calls out {{AP|Chimchar}}, his fire based Pokémon. Ashand commands Chimcharit to use {{m|Scratch}}, and it hitshitting Meditite. Maylene commands Meditite to keep using Drain Punch so it can absorb Chimchar's energy and heal itself. Ash tells Chimchar to dodge and to keep using Scratch. Maylene commands Meditite to keep using Detect, preventing Chimchar's Scratch from connecting. It works for a bit, but then Meditite's Detect fails and is hit with Scratch several times. Maylene is impressed by Chimchar's skill. Ash tells Chimchar to use {{m|Flamethrower}} (which hits Meditite,) and then to follow up with {{m|Flame Wheel}}. Before the Flame Wheel can hit, Maylene orders Meditite to use Confusion, which leaves Chimchar rolling off in the wrong direction and start attacking the nearest wall with Scratch. Ash returns Chimchar into its Poké Ball and sends Staravia back out, its Confusion healed. Meditite uses Drain Punch but Staravia pushes it back, then attacks with {{m|Brave Bird}}. Maylene orders Meditite to use Confusion, but with no more energy left, the move fails and Staravia knocks out Meditite. Brock says that Brave Bird can be dangerous and the user can take some damage when using it. Maylene only has one Pokémon left, while Ash stays with Staravia. Maylene sends out {{TP|Maylene|Lucario}}. Ash commands Staravia to use Brave Bird, but as it closes in Lucario counters it with {{m|Metal Claw}} which knocks Staravia out of the battle.
Ash sends out Chimchar again, commanding it to use Flamethrower, but it is easily dodged by Lucario. Ash orders Chimchar to keep using Flamethrower and Maylene commands Lucario to keep dodging, easily done with its excellent speed. Ash, wanting to get closer, commands Chimchar to use Scratch which is dodged by Lucario. Maylene commands her Lucario to use {{m|Force Palm}}, hitting Chimchar. Ash commands Chimchar to use Flame Wheel, a perfect hit with its maximum power. Ash commands Chimchar to use its Flame Wheel again but missedit misses, paralyzed by Lucario's Force Palm. Lucario attacks Chimchar with {{m|Bone Rush}} which hits Chimchar multiple times. Ash orders Chimchar to use {{m|Dig}} so it can get away. Maylene tells her Lucario to sense Chimchar's [[Aura]] so it can detect Chimchar underground, then attack the ground where Chimchar was hiding with {{m|Aura Sphere}}. Chimchar is thrown out of the ground, so Maylene commands Lucario to use Metal Claw which knocks out Chimchar. Ash then choosechooses his {{AP|Buizel}} to battle against Maylene's Lucario. Brock then notices that {{TP|Brock|Croagunk}} is missing.
Team Rocket finds the Training room and checks it out, hoping they can find Pokémon inside. Instead, they find Croagunk practicing {{m|Poison Jab}} in a pot full of sand. Team Rocket quietly closes the door and leaveleaves to check out more rooms. They're surprised to find Croagunk in front of them, looking eye to eye for a while. Croagunk finishes Team Rocket up with Poison Jab, sending Team Rocket flying off again.
Meanwhile, Buizel uses {{m|Water Gun}} while Lucario counters with {{m|Aura Sphere}}, resulting in an explosion, but Aura Sphere still connects with Buizel. Maylene orders Lucario to use {{m|Bone Rush}} which Buizel dodges. Ash commands Buizel to spin and use {{m|Aqua Jet}}. When Maylene orders Lucario to use Metal Claw, the Aqua Jet surpasses the Metal Claw attack and hits Lucario. Buizel uses {{m|SonicBoom}} and Lucario uses Bone Rush to defend, spinning it, Lucario then releases several Aura Spheres at Buizel. Buizel defends by using SonicBoom. Lucario gets in close, and then use Force Palm which hits Buizel. Maylene orders Lucario to finish up with Aura Sphere, maximum power. Buizel, still feeling the effect of Force Palm, manages to learn {{m|Water Pulse}} which surprised Ash and the others. Maylene orders Lucario to use Aura Sphere while Ash commands Buizel to use Water Pulse. The two raging energy balls result in an explosion, Ash commands Buizel to spin and use Aqua Jet one more time while Maylene orders Lucario to use Force Palm, result in an explosion again, and hurt both Pokémon but both recover and the two Pokémon battle in the air, Lucario using Aura Sphere and Buizel using Water Pulse. The resulting explosion in the air destroys the battle field's roof, exposing the field to the open sky. Both Pokémon was hurt until Maylene's Lucario manage to recover and attack Buizel with Metal Claw, which hit Buizel. The referee thinks that Buizel was unable to battle but before he finishes his sentence, Buizel gets up. Maylene then commands Lucario to use Bone Rush, Ash orders Buizel to dodge but it can't move. When Dawn tells Buizel to dodge, she notices that it has started to rain. Buizel dodges the Bone Rush at the last second, its speed dramatically increased. Brock recognizes the Ability as {{a|Swift Swim}}, as Buizel manages to dodge all the Bone Rush strikes of Lucario. Ash commands Buizel to spin and use Aqua Jet while Maylene order Lucario to use Force Palm, which Buizel takes some damage from. While Dawn cheers for Buizel, Ash commands Buizel to use Water Pulse, then to spin and use Aqua Jet against Lucario's Force Palm, a combination of Water Pulse and Aqua Jet. The resulting collision leaves both Pokémon was unable to battle, and therefore the battle between Maylene and Ash ends in a draw.
After the fierce battle, the [[Connally|referee]] states that awarding a Gym Badge for a tie depends on the judgment of the Gym Leader. Maylene says that Ash gave her the greatest Gym battle of her life and Maylene's Pokémon agree, that's it is a good enough reason to award Ash the {{Badge|Cobble}}. "A draw between Maylene and Ash has ended up a rousing win for both. Maylene's spirit burns brighter than ever while Ash has earned the Cobble Badge. And in the wake of our [[Ash Ketchum|hero]]'s third [[Sinnoh League]] victory, Ash's spirit burns equally as bright." <!--quote by Narrator-->
==Major events==