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Misty's Gyarados

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Personality and characteristics: just touching up some of the language to flow better (it had run on sentences and stuff)
===Personality and characteristics===
At first, Gyarados was very angry and rageousenraged, attacking every nearby [[human|person]] and {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} around and not calming down for a second,. asThis opposedcontrasts towith its personality as a Magikarp, when it was much more relaxed and had once even participated in a water ballet with Misty. ThisIts rage as a Gyarados even made it unwilling to go back into its Poké Ball, forcing Misty to confine it in a cage to avoid any further damage to the Gym.
However, when Gyarados saw how much Misty cared about her hurt {{TP|Misty|Corsola}}, its personality started to change for thebecome calmer. When Misty took the IPB's Tentacruel's Poison Sting in order to protect Gyarados, and was on the brink of drowning, Gyarados broke out of its cage, and brought Misty to the surface, showing that it now had full confidence in her. By this point, Gyarados even listeninglistened to her commands and goingwas willing to go back into its Poké Ball. This bond has remained between Misty and Gyarados ever since, making Gyarados one of Misty's primary battlers.
===Moves used===