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{{UserUnless Windows|XP}}stated otherwise, my edits are my own thoughts and not reflective of the opinion of the administration as a whole; if I am utilizing administrative authority (which I typically avoid doing), I will indicate as such. If I make an edit or talk page comment that you disagree with, I encourage you to challenge me on it (although I'm notoriously bad at keeping up-to-date on my talk page). Note that this only applies to me and has no implications on how other staff members utilize their authority.
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|style="border-style:solid; background:#FFFFFF" border="1" align="center" class="roundy"|[[File:{{padleft:{{#expr:{{NUMBEROFEDITS:R}} mod 649 + 1}}|3}}{{#ifeq:{{#expr: {{NUMBEROFPAGES:R}} mod 8192 + 1}}|8192|_s}}.png]]
|style="border-style:solid; background:#{{User:SnorlaxMonster/hex|{{#expr:{{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}} mod 16^6}}}}" border="1" align="center" class="roundy"|<nowiki>#</nowiki>{{padleft:{{#expr:{{NUMBEROFEDITS:R}} mod 649 + 1}}|3}} {{color2|000|{{Num2N|{{#expr:{{NUMBEROFEDITS:R}} mod 649 + 1}}}} (Pokémon)|{{Num2N|{{#expr:{{NUMBEROFEDITS:R}} mod 649 + 1}}}}}}{{#ifeq:{{#expr: {{NUMBEROFPAGES:R}} mod 8192 + 1}}|8192|[[File:ShinyDPStar.png]]}}
NowI've been a part of the online Pokémon fandom since 2007, when I knowjoined nobodythe usuallyBulbasaur's caresMysterious aboutGarden theseforums; thingshowever, butI was a Pokémon fan long before that. It wasn't until late 2009 when I feeljoined obligatedBulbapedia, at which point I started by editing parts of {{bp|Project GlitchDex}}. The first article I edited was [[list of glitch moves]], because I saw that there were glitch Pokémon missing from the learnlists that were listed to includelearn those glitch moves on their own pages. I then ended up going through all the glitch Pokémon articles and updating them into the newest style. I eventually began to edit other articles outside of that region, and now I'm an all-round editor (although I focus on the Pokémon games). I ended up splitting the minor glitches section of [[glitch]] into its own article, [[list of minor glitches]], because it was getting edited so much and getting quite long. FeelSince then, that list freegrew to skipsuch a proportion that I split it into lists of glitches by generation. Now I lead Project GlitchDex, and know of a lot of glitches that need to thebe sectionsdocumented belowhere (notthat aren't that I couldkeep stopmeaning youto anyway)get around to. I do a lot of different things around the wiki though.
I've beenwas apromoted partto oftemporary Junior Admin during the onlineJapanese release of Pokémon fandomBlack sinceand 2007,White whenin I2011 joinedto help with updating pages during the Bulbasaur'slockdown. MysteriousAfter Gardenthe forums;lock howeverwas lifted, Imy waspowers abecame Pokémonpermanent, fanand longI beforebecame thata true Junior Administrator. ItIn wasn'tearly untilJanuary late2011, 2009I whenfound that I joinedwas Bulbapedia,trusted aton whichthe pointArchives Ias startedwell, byand editinghad partsbeen ofgiven {{bp|ProjectJunior GlitchDex}}Administrator rights. TheIn firstMarch article2011, I edited was [[listpromoted ofto glitchAdmin moves]]on Bulbapedia, becausethen Ion sawthe thatArchives theretoo wereshortly glitchafter. PokémonLess missingthan froma theweek learnlistsafter thatmy wereArchives listedpromotion, toI learnwas thosegiven glitchas movesstaff position on theirBulbanews ownduring pagesthe staff restructure—Writer. In early May 2011, I thenwas endedappointed upProject goingGlitchDex throughLeader all(after theapplying glitchfor Pokémonit). articlesIn andSeptember updating2011, themI intowas thepromoted newestto stylea Senior Adminstrator on the Archives. In November 2011, I eventuallywas beganpromoted to edita otherSenior articlesWriter outsideon ofBulbanews. thatIn December region2011, and now I'm anwas all-roundpromoted editorto (althougha ISenior focusAdministrator on theBulbapedia, Pokémonmaking games).me Ia endedBulbawiki upSenior splittingCitizen, thea minorself-coined glitchesterm, sectionand ofapparently [[glitch]]shared intowith its{{u|Bikini Miltank}}. In ownApril article2012, [[listI was promoted to member of minorthe glitches]]{{n|Bulbanews:Board of editors|Bulbanews board of editors}}, becausewhich italso wasresulted in me getting editedmoderator sopowers muchin andthe getting[ quiteBulbanews longforum] on the forums. SinceIn thenJune 2012, thatI listwas grewpromoted to suchmember of the [[a:Archives:Advisory proportionCouncil|Archives thatAdvisory Council]]. In August 2012, I splitwas itpromoted intoto listsa ofBureaucrat glitcheson byBulbapedia, Nownow I leadhave Projectto GlitchDexlearn how to spell it. In August 2014, andI amwas currentlypromoted boggedto downDeputy Editor-in-Chief workof relatedBulbanews toand itBulbaNewsNOW Editor.
I==Useful like writing articles about topics that people tend not to know about, mainly in order to change that;tools for example, [[Pokémon mini]] games, Sega Pico and Beena games (like [[Pokémon Advanced Generation: I've Begun Hiragana and Katakana!]]), Perdue farms games (like [[Pokémon Team Rocket Blast Off]]), and [[PokéPark: Fishing Rally DS]]. If I mentioned a game (or group of games) you've never heard of, then I am very happy that I was able to show youwiki it.editing==
* [ AutoWikiBrowser] - excellent external semi-automated editor, great for mass edits
* [ Wayback Machine] - one of the most invaluable wiki editing tools, it allows you to access old versions of webpages or sites that aren't even online anymore
* [] - on-demand archives, for pages you expect to go down that Wayback Machine hasn't captured
* [ Text Mechanic] - a bunch of text manipulation tools that are great for edits involving replacing text or templates
* [ Diff checker] - compares two pieces of text without requiring you to save an edit
* [ Down for everyone or just me?] - checks if websites are down (use in combination with Wayback Machine)
* [ ISBN converter] - for converting between ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 (adds "978-" to the start of ISBN-10); also checks if ISBN has a valid checksum and inserts hyphens (use in combination with [[Special:BookSources]])
I===Image was promoted to temporary Junior Admin during the Japanese release of Pokémon Black and White to help with updating pages during the lockdown. After the lock was lifted, my powers became permanent, and I became a true Junior Administrator. In early January, I found that I was trusted on the Archives as well, and had been given Junior Administrator rights. In March, I was promoted to Admin on Bulbapedia, then on the Archives too shortly after. Less than a week after my Archives promotion, I was given as staff position on Bulbanews during the staff restructure—Writer. In early May, I was appointed Project GlitchDex Leader (after applying for it). In September 2011, I was promoted to a Senior Adminstrator on the Archives. In November 2011, I was promoted to a Senior Writer on Bulbanews. In December 2011, I was promoted to a Senior Administrator on Bulbapedia, making me a Bulbawiki Senior Citizen, a self-coined term, and apparently shared with {{u|Bikini Miltank}}. In April 2012, I was promoted to member of the {{n|Bulbanews:Board of editors|Bulbanews board of editors}}, which also resulted in me getting moderator powers in the [ Bulbanews forum] on the forums. In June 2012, I was promoted to member of the [[a:Archives:Advisory Council|Archives Advisory Council]]. In August 2012, I was promoted to a Bureaucrat on Bulbapedia, so now I have to learn how to spell
* [ PNG optimizer] - if an image's filesize is too big to be uploaded to the Archives
* [ PNG lossy compression] - if an image's filesize is too big to be uploaded to the Archives (use only if the optimizer does not make it small enough)
Also,===Tools Ifor quite often participate in [[Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance|NIWA]]. I'm active on the forums,times and have an account at every member site (as well as some prospective members such as [ Game & Watch Wiki]). I am even a Lead Editor on [[Nookipedia]]. Also, those interwiki redirects, like [[Pit]] and [[Peach]], are my doing. I encourage all editors to link to NIWA members over Wikipedia where applicable.dates===
* [] - many tools for dealing with times and timezones
I'm===Tools SnorlaxMonsterfor in the Dream World, on YouTube, Twitter... in fact, I'm SnorlaxMonster pretty much everywhere, so you should recognize me easily.Japanese===
* [] - excellent online dictionary
If you want to talk to me casually (non-wiki stuff) or in private you can* [http://bmgfkanji.bulbagardensljfaq.netorg/member.php?u=12490 sendHandwritten mekanji a PM on the forumssearch], or- [[Special:EmailUser/SnorlaxMonster|sendgreat mefor anunknown email]]. If you think I have done something wrong, I appreciate civil constructive criticism. I would rather have friends than enemies, but I also like a good friendly debate. I always try to assume good faith, perhaps even too often.kanji
==Pet peeves==
*I hate ampersands (&). I think they look ugly and avoid using them outside of titles that already have them.
*I cannot stand {{wp|Acronym and initialism|acronym and initialisms}} written with periods between the letters but not after the final letter. I don't know where people get the idea that this is correct, but this is my absolute biggest pet peeve. If you don't know how to use the periods, don't use them at all—they are not compulsory.
==Articles needing attention==
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|{{cat|Candidates for merging}}
|{{PAGESINCAT:Candidates for merging|pages}}
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|{{PAGESINCAT:Candidates for splitting|pages}}
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|{{cat|Outdated articles}}
|{{PAGESINCAT:Outdated articles|pages}}
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|{{cat|Articles needing improvement}}
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|{{cat|Articles needing sources}}
|{{PAGESINCAT:Articles needing sources|pages}}
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|{{cat|Articles needing translation}}
|{{PAGESINCAT:Articles needing translation|pages}}
==Shiny stories==
All {{pkmn2|wild}} [[Shiny Pokémon]] I have ever encountered (obviously discounting [[red Gyarados]]) have been in the [[Safari Zone]]. Not only that, but the only Safari Zone that I haven't encountered a Shiny in is the [[Great Marsh]], which isn't even a real Safari Zone.
* [[Kanto Safari Zone]] — {{p|Paras}} (caught) and {{p|Exeggcute}} (failed)
* [[Johto Safari Zone]] — {{p|Cubone}} (failed)
* [[Hoenn Safari Zone]] — {{p|Stantler}} (caught)
Also, I encountered that Exeggcute with '''1 [[Safari Ball]] left'''. I threw it, but it escaped and I was kicked out.<br>Also, I have a Shiny Gyarados clone from my friend who caught it as a {{p|Magikarp}} in Sapphire. That is why I was hoping that the guaranteed red Gyarados would have some kind of difference to other Shiny ones, but it didn't.
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