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Dawn recalls Piplup and lets Ash take his turn. Pikachu gets ready to battle, but Buneary acts differently, not willing to attack. They finally notice Buneary is [[LagomorphShipping|attracted]] to Pikachu. Ash tries to throw a [[Poké Ball]], but Buneary freezes everybody with Ice Beam, though {{AP|Starly}} escapes the blast. Buneary dances with Pikachu, spinning and whisking him away.
Pikachu finally frees himself and scolds Buneary, upsetting her and making her cry. Pikachu tries to remedy the situation but he fails. Starly catches up and notices. Buneary suddenly stops crying, ears perking up at something. Suddenly, a glass ball captures Buneary, locking her into Team Rocket’s meccamecha. Starly flies away while Pikachu attacks with {{m|Thunderbolt}}. However the electric attack is diverted to hurt Buneary. Croagunk finds the frozen group and uses Poison Jab to free them. Starly arrives and leads the group to Team Rocket. Pikachu decides to surrender against Team Rocket, and they don’t hesitate to capture Pikachu into another glass capsule. Pikachu orders them to release Buneary, but they refuse. Ash and the others find Team Rocket. Buneary tries to free herself with Dizzy Punch but it fails, and Pikachu uses {{m|Iron Tail}} to try to escape. Ash tries to rush over, but Team Rocket blocks him. Jenny arrives and connects Team Rocket as the factory thieves. Pikachu frees himself as Team Rocket detaches a part of the meccamecha, lifting off with rocket propulsion. Pikachu frees Buneary with Iron Tail. Buneary use Ice Beam and Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to send the pod plummeting. The Pokémon jump off the falling pod. Ash catches Pikachu and Dawn catches Buneary. Jenny tries to arrest Team Rocket, but they run away, with Jenny in pursuit.
Buneary is drawn to Dawn, but Dawn needs to battle her again for an actual capture. She summons Piplup again, leading with BubbleBeam, but Buneary dodges. Piplup tries to evade and use Peck, but Buneary dodges again. Piplup’s BubbleBeam and Buneary’s Ice Beam is even. Buneary attacks with Dizzy Punch, but Piplup dodges and uses Peck successfully. Dawn throws a Poké Ball to catch Buneary, and after a few moments, it succeeds. Buneary becomes Dawn's first capture and she celebrates. Everyone congratulates her and she lets Buneary back out. Now Dawn is ready for the {{ci|Jubilife}} [[Contest]].