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The words of the boy cause Ruby to remember about how Sapphire and [[Wallace]] called him selfish and self-centered. He remembers about how his refusal to fight caused people to be injured even though he had the ability to do so. He briefly tries to think about what to do and eventually figures it out.
Ruby apologizes to his team about what he did to Mimi to his team and asks if they still want to stay with him. Later, {{adv|Coco}}[[Kiki]] approaches Wallace and gives him a letter written by Ruby. Wallace reads the letter, which reveals that Ruby has decided to fight against [[Team Magma]].
Back at Sapphire and [[Winona]]'s location, Sapphire gets frustrated at the lack of an ability to follow their enemies. Sapphire decides to swim to the [[Seafloor Cavern]] herself, but Winona stops her as it would be impossible for a human. Winona expresses frustration that even though they want to do something, it's impossible to go to the bottom of the sea. Suddenly, a voice shouts out that there is a way to go underwater, surprising the two.
* {{p|Castform}} (Popo; Ruby's)
* {{p|Mightyena}} ([[Nana]]; Ruby's)
* {{p|Delcatty}} ({{Adv|Coco}}[[Kiki]]; Ruby's)
* {{p|Swampert}} ([[ZuzuMumu]]; Ruby's)
* {{p|Relicanth}} (Relo; Sapphire's)
* {{p|Wailord}} (Walo; Sapphire's)