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Back outside the tunnel, Tyler and the others struggle against the Team Magma Grunts. Suddenly, the Whismur re-appear, having brought reinforcements in the form of their evolved forms, {{p|Loudred}} and {{p|Exploud}}. The Loudred and Exploud use {{m|Hyper Voice}}, which causes a huge explosion that defeats the Magma Grunts. The explosion also clears the rocks blocking the entrance to the Rusturf Tunnel, allowing them to go and help Ruby.
Back at Ruby's side, Ruby has trouble battling Marge because of her Ninetale's ability to shoot out nine different fireballs at once. Although [[ZuzuMumu]] can block one or two of the fireballs, the others are unable to, and get hit in the process. Marge reveals the skills of each individual members of the Three Fires: [[Tabitha|Mitch]], who uses his {{p|Torkoal}} to make others sleepy with its fumes; [[Magma Admin Mack|Mack]], who uses fire to create illusions; and Marge herself, who uses fire for its most natural use, burning.
Knowing that Ruby likes Contests, Marge reveals that she likes beautiful things as well. However, Marge states that her idea of beauty is different, which she demonstrates by burning a Ribbon. When flames engulf a victim, that is what Marge considers truly beautiful. Marge suddenly kneels down and ask Ruby if he wants to join them.
* {{p|Delcatty}} ({{Adv|Coco}}[[Kiki]]; Ruby's)
* {{p|Mightyena}} ([[Nana]]; Ruby's)
* {{p|Feebas}} ({{adv|Mimi}}; Ruby's)
* {{p|Marshtomp}} ([[ZuzuMumu]]; Ruby's)
* {{p|Castform}} (Popo; Ruby's)
* {{p|Ninetales}} (Marge's)
* The alternate title contains the word "篝火" (kagiribi), or bonfire. The kanji used here comes from Marge's Japanese name, Kagari, which also means bonfire.
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