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Melody (M02)

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[[Image:Melody in street clothes.png|275px300px|thumb|left|Melody in her street clothes]]
Melody is a resident of [[Shamouti Island]] in the [[Orange Archipelago|Orange Islands]] archipelago. Melody at first glance does not really seem to be a sociable person. She meets {{Ash}}, {{an|Misty}}, {{Tracey}} and [[Maren]] at the docks of the island, dressed in casual clothes. It was her turn to lead the annual legend festival as the Festival Maiden, since her older sister [[Carol]] was too old. Melody was not too thrilled to do it, but upon observing Ash and learning he's a [[Pokémon Trainer]], she instantly changes her mind and accepts her role, welcoming Ash with a "[[KissShipping|traditional welcome kiss]]", touching a nerve of Misty's. Melody later, dressed in ceremonial clothes, informs Ash of his goal to retrieve three glass balls from the surrounding islands and bring them to the island's shrine.