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[[File:Balanceshipping.png|220px|thumb|right|Norman and Caroline blushing as they embrace]]
'''BalanceShipping''' is the support of [[Norman]] and [[Caroline]]'s love for each other. They are one of a number of canonically married couples throughout the series, among the slightly higher number of total canonically involved minor characters and [[Character of the day|CotDs]]. The name itself comes from Norman's badge, the {{badge|Balance}}.
== Facts ==
* They are spouses.
* They have had a {{an|May|daughter}} and a [[Max|son]] together.
''[[AG069|Love, Petalburg Style]]''
:* Caroline becomes upset when she believes Norman forgot about their wedding anniversary. This may mean that she wanted more attention from Norman.
:* Norman affectionately addresses Caroline as '"Dear'" when she walks into the Pokémon Center.
:* When Team Rocket destroys the fireworks display Norman set up for his wife, he becomes so enraged even his own family is surprised. This shows that Norman was really eager to impress Caroline.
:* During the fireworks display, Caroline embraces her husband and both of them have blushes on their face. They stay like this until Max asks why the fireworks are all {{p|Beautifly}}, and Norman becomes noticeably embarrassed at the reason.
::* It is revealed that Norman proposed to Caroline in a field of flowers full of Beautifly, and he planned all the fireworks to reflect that romantic moment. Caroline goes on to say that she's never forgotten that moment, and apparently, neither has Norman.
''[[AG067|Balance of Power]]''
:* When Max becomes distressed after Norman's Slakoth is defeated, Caroline reassures her son knowingly, showing faith in her husband.
== Facts ==
* They are spouses.
* They have had a {{an|May|daughter}} and a [[Max|son]] together.