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Shuckle (Pokémon)

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Trivia: bet that amount of damage would crash the game though
* Shuckle is the only Pokémon based on fungus that is not part {{type|Grass}}.
* Shuckle has the most extreme stat distribution, being in the top three or bottom three of every base stat category.
* A [[level]] 100 Shuckle can potentially deal the most damage in one single attack through the use of numerous stat boosters; by receiving the effects of {{m|Helping Hand}} from two allies in a triple battle, holding a {{DL|In-battle effect item|Metronome}}, {{m|Power Trick}}, a {{m|Skill Swap}} to {{a|Pure Power}}, and 6 Attack boosts. Also, Shuckle's partner must have the Ability {{a|Flower Gift}} and the weather must be sunny. On the 5th turn of using a {{m|Defense Curl}} boosted Rollout consecutively without any misses, if used against a level 1 {{p|Ledyba}}, {{p|Yanma}} or {{p|Combee}} with minimum Defense stats, that have been hit with negative Defense modifiers (such as {{m|Screech}}), it can deal 320641,844688,024048 damage with a {{DL|Damage modification|critical hit}}.