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It's a lovely sunny day as {{Ash}}, {{an|Dawn}} and {{an|Brock}} are traveling through a small town on the way to [[Sunyshore City]] when they all notice a crowd has gathered to watch a Pokémon {{pkmn|battle}} taking place nearby. Deciding to stop and have a look, they are surprised to find that the person who is battling is none other than {{an|Barry}}, whose {{TP|Barry|Empoleon}} is battling another Trainer's {{p|Mothim}}.
Barry has Empoleon use {{m|Hydro Cannon}}, which scores a direct hit on Mothim. His opponent has Mothim use {{m|Signal Beam}}, however Barry has Empoleon block it with its wings, receiving almost no damage from it. The crowd is very impressed, and Brock notes that Empoleon is a lot stronger than when they last saw it. Barry has Empoleon use {{m|Metal Claw}} and Empoleon powers up and heads towards Mothim. The Trainer tries to counter with {{m|Silver Wind}}; however, Empoleon expertly dodges the attack and strikes Mothim, knocking ithim out. The Trainer sees to his Mothim while Barry congratulates Empoleon and the crowd cheers his excellent victory. As Barry laps up the kudos he stops Ash and the others and happily greets his friend and rival.
Later, as the group relax Barry catches up with Ash and asks how {{AP|Gible}}'s training to master {{m|Draco Meteor}} is coming along. Ash is forced to confess that it isn't going very well at the moment, which disappoints Barry. Barry proceeds to tell Ash that he'll never earn the eight Badges he needs for the [[Sinnoh League]] if his Pokémon can't master their moves. Ash tells Barry he's still headed for [[Sunyshore Gym]], which makes Barry and Empoleon laugh. After being asked what's so amusing, Barry tells everyone that he's already been to Sunyshore Gym... and earned the [[Badge]]! To prove it, Barry shows off his collection of Badges and it turns out that he's gathered all eight he requires for the Sinnoh League. Dawn tells Ash that now he has to catch up to both Barry and [[Paul]], and Barry is excited to hear that Paul has also collected the eight Badges he needs and tells Ash that he needs to get a move on and reach Sunyshore Gym. Barry then shows off the {{badge|Beacon}} he got from Sunyshore Gym and tells Ash that Sunyshore Gym was the best of all. This naturally makes Ash all the more excited for the battle to earn his eighth Badge.