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|epname=The Lotad Lowdown
|desc=Natalie and her sisters have multiple {{p|Lotad}} that are mostly used to help out in their flower shop. [[Brock's Ludicolo|One]] of them was given to Brock. They first appeared when {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} were freaked out by them but found out they were harmless, they then showed them a dazzling performance using their {{m|Water Gun}}. Later they were captured by {{TRT}} in their [[Team Rocket's mechas|boat mecha]], but with the help of {{AP|Pikachu}} and a powerful Lotad, they arewere able to be set free and Team Rocket arewere sent blasting off.
Lotad's only known move is {{m|Water Gun}}. However, Brock's knows both {{m|Water Gun}} and {{m|Razor Leaf}}.}}