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The two Kecleon soon meet and climb down and run into the airport terminal, the gang, Madison, and Alexa giving the chase. They decide to split up to cover more ground. Meanwhile Greeny and Reddy run into Team Rocket in another storage room. Just when things seem hopeless, they start tossing their contents in their mouths back and forth very fast, Reddy ended up with the box. Team Rocket couldn't tell, but James tries a little explanation, which gets them no where. Brock walks around daydreaming what the reward might be for getting Greeny and Reddy back when suddenly, both of them are right there! He chases after them for a while before meeting up with Ash and Misty. They chase them back outside and both get caught in a barrier of people. Just when all seems to be a perfect ending, Team Rocket busts in to ruin the day.
The {{pkmn|battle}} soon starts off, {{AP|Bayleef}} vs. {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}}. Bayleef gets a miss with {{m|Vine Whip}} and Arbok counters with {{m|TackleHeadbutt}}, {{TP|Misty|Poliwhirl}} goescomes without aand uses its own Headbutt on comebackArbok. James sends out {{TP|James|Victreebel}}, as usual it tries to eat him. James tells it to use {{m|Razor Leaf}} and it does so towards them. Greeny and Reddy get into battle and deflects the leaves with a {{m|Tail Whip}}. Arbok goes for a {{m|Wrap}}, but Greeny uses a {{m|Lick}} attack onto stop Arbok, which also releases the jewelry box. Meowth goes after it, but Poliwhirl slaps it silly with a {{m|DoubleSlap}}. Reddy does a Lick attack to Victreebel and soon both Kecleon use {{m|Psybeam}} to push the two Pokémon back to their owners. Bayleef makes another Vine Whip and tosses them out into the sky. The blimp takes off soon afterward and the gang go off to [[Olivine City]], their next destination.
==Major events==