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* ''[[Exciting Pokémon Relay]]'' was used in the cooking competition scenes.
* Nearly a week before this episode's U.S. debut, {{p|Weavile}} and {{p|Mime Jr.}}'s names were released. They happen to be the evolved form and pre-evolved form of the two main Pokémon in this episode.
* ThisThe episode's nametitle is a pun of the phrasename of the {{wp|honors music|presidential anthem}} of the {{wp|United States}}, "{{wp|Hail to the Chief!}}".
* This is the second time that [[Team Rocket's Meowth]]{{MTR}} has been worried about being replaced by a [[{{p|Sneasel]]}}.
* The ending credits list [[Jessie's Seviper]] and [[James's Cacnea]] as being in the episode, when in fact they never appeared.
* In one scene during the {{motto}}, [[James]]'s hair is not completely drawn and colored.
* FoodIn canone beshot, seen on {{Ash}} and company's table in one shot as they are wondering when {{p|Mr. Mime}}'s show will begin, i.e., beforeand they arewill be served food, even though food is already on the table. ItThe food disappears in the shotnext right afterwardsshot.
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====[[Pokémon Trainer's Choice]]====
* Question: Trainers, which Pokémon is not a {{typet|Flying}} type?
* Choices: {{p|Swellow}}, {{p|Dustox}}, {{p|Masquerain}}
* Answer: OK, Trainers! If you chose {{p|Dustox}}, you were right!