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The next morning, Scraggy awakens, surrounded by Ash and friends. Ash asks if Scraggy is feeling okay, to which it responds in the affirmative, which relieves Ash. Iris is glad to see that it has recovered, and Cilan asks Scraggy if it can remember what happened yesterday. Scraggy remembers, and then Ash says that Iris found medicinal plants to help him, and Iris says that Axew helped too. When Ash says that Scraggy needs to be grateful to everyone, it jumps up and stomps off! Ash asks where Scraggy is going, and Axew follows it. Scraggy stomps up to the tree where the Galvantula was the night before, and begins to headbutt it. This time, a whole colony of Galvantula are awakened! When Axew sees this, he is alarmed, and goes back to get the others. Back at camp, Axew tells the others what has happened. Ash calls out the rest of his Pokémon, and tells them they must go and save Scraggy!
The Galvantula surround Scraggy, and he looks on defiantly. Suddenly, just as the Galvantula are about to attack, a Thunderbolt attack hits one of them! It is Ash and all of his friends, here to save the day! Ash orders all of his Pokémon to protect Scraggy. Pidove uses her {{m|Air Cutter}} attack to counter aan Electroweb attack from one of the Galvantula. Tepig uses his {{m|Ember}} attack to counter an Electro Ball attack from another Galvantula. Oshawott uses his {{m|Razor Shell}} attack to counter the Electroweb from yet another Galvantula. Then Snivy uses her {{m|Vine Whip}}s to yank Oshawott out of harm's way of a Galvantula that was about to land on him. She then uses her {{m|Leaf Storm}} attack on the same Galvantula. Then Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on all of the Galvantula, driving them back into hiding in the tree. Ash asks if Scraggy is all right, to which it responds in the affirmative. Ash thanks all of his Pokémon for all of their hard work, then he warns Scraggy not to go under that tree anymore. Cilan proposes that maybe Scraggy was trying to take revenge. Iris says she is glad Scraggy is safe. Then Ash says that they should all eat breakfast together.
Back at camp, everyone is eating breakfast together, when Axew tries to bring his food over and eat with Scraggy. Scraggy turns his back on Axew, and they start glaring at each other. Ash and Iris tell them not to fight. Then Cilan suggests that Scraggy might be the perfect partner for Axew's battle practice, which surprises everyone. Ash says that sounds like a good idea, and Iris asks if Axew would be interested, and he responds in the affirmative. Iris notes that they both look fired up, and Ash says that they should start.