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The '''Heroine''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|主人公|Protagonist}}''') is the femalea [[player characterWarlord]] ofthat appears in [[Pokémon Conquest]] if the player's selected gender is female. She is athe [[Warlord]]only fromcharacter in the game who can be named by the player, and is the leadermain ofcharacter under the player's control in the game's initial story, [[Aurora]]"The Legend of Ransei".
Her counterpart is the [[Hero]].
* HappensTransforms to Rank II automatically during the''The Legend of storyRansei''.
====Rank III====
* ReachesTransforms to Rank III by reaching an 80% link with either Eevee or anyan one[[Eeveelution]] in the {{DL|List of EeveelutionsPokémon duringConquest ''stories|Two Heroes of Ransei''}} story.