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They take a ferry and go to Iron Island but when they get to the [[Pokémon Center]], they find out that Barry has already left. While exploring the island, the group find that all the Steel Pokémon are trying to hurt them and themselves. Suddenly, a huge {{p|Aggron}} comes up to them and is about to attack them when a man called [[Riley]] comes in to save the day and his {{p|Lucario}} gets rid of the Aggron. Lucario can use his [[aura]] to detect the waves and find out if there are any rampaging Steel Pokémon nearby, although he will not be affected because he can also use the aura to protect himself from the waves.
{{TRT}}, who followed Ash and {{ashfr}} to the island, have a run in with many of the rampaging Steel- types before Barry and his Heracross fall onto them. He accuses them of angering the Steel- types, pointing out a device he spotted in the air but Team Rocket claim it was none of their doing. He leads them to the location, which turns out to be a {{DL|Team Galactic|In the anime|Team Galactic}} base led by [[Mars]]. They try to fight Team Galactic with their Pokémon but it doesn't work. They then fall through a crevice into a small cave with {{p|Dialga}} and {{p|Palkia}} etchings.
Ash and friends finally reach the base with Lucario's help. Eventually Mars picks up a key and inserts it into a slot into the ruins on the island and a powerful radio wave is sent out. Even Lucario can't fight the disturbance any more, and is about to attack the group. The episode concludes with Ash and [[Riley]] trying to calm Lucario down.