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:::I checked at 22:03, 24 January (UTC) it had not restocked, however at 00:05 January 25 it restocked as usual.
:::Conclusion: it takes 24 hours to reset the game clock, but the shops are all sold out until 12:05 AM the next day. However they will still restock at ranking up, at least after the original 24 hour period is up. -[[User:IVsaur|<span style="color:light brown">EVs</span><span style="color:black">And</span><span style="color:green">IVsaurs</span>]] <sup>''([[User talk:IVsaur|<span style="color:red">Talk</span>]])''</sup> 18:29, 25 January 2013 (UTC)
== In-game NPCs and stores ==