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==={{v2|Yellow}} forms===
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Missingno.'s {{v2|Yellow}} forms are {{2t|Normal|999}}, whereas Missingno.'s forms in {{game|Red and Blue|s}} are {{2t|Bird|Normal}}. They use the palette of {{p|Pikachu}}, and so appear as yellow and red glitched boxes. They also cause glitches that Missingno. in Red and Blue did not. If caught, they will cause graphical glitches, possibly rendering the player invisible and making duplicates of the player and all other on-screen characters walk in random locations on the screen. The Yellow forms are exclusive to Yellow. These forms do not appear through the [[old man glitch]], as it was removed in Yellow. The [[Kabutops]] [[Fossil]] form, [[Aerodactyl]] [[Fossil]] form and [[Ghost]] form are also accessible with the [[Mew Glitch]], with the same [[Special]] stat needed in [[Red and Blue]].
====Normal form====