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About Me
[[Media:Example.ogg]]== '''About Me''' ==
Hi! I'm Doggy567123! As you can see, I love dogs! I couldn't IMAGINE life without dogs, or Pokémon! I found Bulbapedia when I wanted to learn more about the Pokémon I was using in my first game. (Eevee and Vulpix) That was two years ago. I joined Bulbapedia a while after. And the rest is ancient history. I'm not very good editing the userspace, so help me with this. Please. I'm in 6th grade and I have brown hair and blue eyes. My favorite Pokémon are Entei, Raquaza, Pikachu, Snivy, Serperior, Celebi, Gardevoir, and Shaymin (Sky Forme). I've played most of the Mystery Dungeon games, Pokemon Platinum, Pearl, Black, White, and Rumble. My favorite book is LassieThe Come HomePinballs. (obviously) Oh and P.S. MAGNEDETH, your sheer awesomeness caused me to create an account. Oh and one more thing if your reading MAGNEDETH. AMPHAROS DOES NOT SUCK! Ampharos is amazing! But it isn't my favorite. Goodbye now.[[File:648MS.png]] [[File:282MS.png]] [[File:492MS.png]]
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== '''Educational Details''' ==