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Sinnoh Route 211

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===Eastern Segment===
The route continues after the player exits [[Mt. Coronet]] from the north-west side. The player has a choice of two options, to go directly east along the grassy ground, or go north, up to the rocky mountainside. By going through the grassy ground, the player will encounter a large patch of [[tall grass]], and a [[Honey|honey tree]] just north of there, along with some loamy soft soil to plant four [[Berry|berriesBerries]]. By going east from there, the path connects back up from the second path, on the mountainside and will make its way east to [[Celestic Town]].
If the player chose the second path, the route makes its way north up a flight of stairs, to a rocky mountainside. The route, then makes its way east after that, passing many Trainers as it goes by. There are also a lot of {{m|Rock Smash|breakable rocks}}. If the player uses {{m|Rock Smash}} on a couple of rocks, north of the area, they will be able to {{m|Rock Climb|scale}} up a cliff face, and obtain an item, {{TM|29|Psychic}}. If the player makes their way east, they will reach the stairs to travel down the hill and get to [[Celestic Town]].