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[[Agatha]] laughs as {{adv|Blue}} is suspended in the air by {{p|Gengar}}'s {{m|Dream Eater}}. {{tc|Camper|Evan}} watches in horror. Agatha says to Evan, "Look around a monument of human folly and selfishness." Evan questions this, and she begins to explain to him that the power plant they stand in was once intended to be a center of a major industrial development, but was abandoned halfway through. However, it caused hundreds of Pokémon to leave their homes for the convenience of humans. Large amounts of industrial waste were left behind from the power plant. This served as fuel for {{p|Gastly}}, {{p|Haunter}}, and Gengar. {{type|Ghost}}s were attracted to the power plant because of the industrial waste. Agatha then reveals her identity to him as one of the [[Elite Four]] of [[Kanto]]. Blue begins to struggle inside the floating coffin, and Agatha laughs again, stating that it is impossible to break free of the Dream Eater from the inside. She then commands her Gengar to drain all the life force from him. Blue is then shocked to a dream of his past. In his dream, he is being thrown onto the floor. A man stays silent as he watches Blue. Blue cries out in frustration, saying that if he were able to use his Pokémon things would be easier. He then pleads with the man, saying, "Master...Master! Please let me use my Pokémon!" After saying this, {{adv|Blue}} demands to know why the {{pkmn|Trainer}}s themselves had to train if this was supposed to be [[Pokémon battle|Pokémon battling]]. The man begins to explain that Pokémon battling is only the Pokémon fighting and the Trainer merely giving orders. The Trainer suffers no injury at all. That is the reason why Trainers must train themselves. The Trainer's heart will never merge with their Pokémon's until they feel the attack and sharpen their own strengths. Then the man encourages Blue to grab the sword, hone his own strengths, and master the skills necessary to take down a foe himself...