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'''Fizzy Bubbles''' (or simply '''FB''') is a fan-made, text-based Pokémon RPG that began on [[Bulbagarden forums]] in the days of Red and Blue, in which adventuring takes places in various pre-fabricated "zones". At first, the game centered on Water Pokémon, and there was only a single Fizzy Zone, hence the name Fizzy Bubbles. More zones were added over the next few years, but the game was shut down when [[Bulbagarden forums|BMG]]'s site went down. It was revived on October 22nd, 2002 on [[Ultimate Pokémon Network|UPN]] before expanding to the [[]] forums, and later back to the [[Bulbagarden forums]].
Although training Pokémon is a part of the game, the focus is much more on the roleplaying aspect, and there are many other facets to game play. Trainers can battle each other, participate in Contests and Gym challenges, enjoy the services of a variety of shops (such as Jirachi's Casino or the Cable Club), and more.
The roleplaying zones in which members can adventure in are spread over the respective forums of UPNetwork, and Bulbagarden, in the form of threads. Registered members are only allowed to enter up to three zones at once, except on special occasions such as in-zone campaigns. Zones are usually capped if an updater is unable to take any more updatees.
=====Current Zones=====
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To prevent one Pokémon having an unfair advantage over the other, Pokémon are split into tiers depending on their current level. Trainers then take turns ordering attacks, with the referee updating the outcome. The first Pokémon to lose all its {{stat|HP|health}} or [[Power points|energy]] is knocked out, and the winner’s Pokémon receives two levels. The Trainer will also receive a battle trophy for his or her win depending on the battle's tier.
=====Trainer Battle Tiers=====
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Just as with the [[main series]] games and [[anime]], Fizzy Bubbles also possesses gyms, and trainers in Fizzy Bubbles can undertake gym challenges. However, these challenges are subject to strict regulations & rules, and so differ from the games and anime greatly. Gyms are UPN-exclusive, and run by the forum staff there. Though none are currently open, the three gyms are: the Afterlife (Ghost) Gym, which awards the Grave Badge; the Leaf House (Grass) Gym, which awards the Leaf Shield Badge; and the Fire Gym.
FB Gym Challenges are divided into four tiers: levels 1, 2, 3, and Ultimate. Each of these levels has its own pre-requesites for participation, which consist of a minimum level for at least 3 of the challenger's Pokémon to meet (25, 50 and 90 for level 1, 2, and 3 challenges respectively), and 3 trainer battle wins of a certain difficulty (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced for levels 1, 2, and 3 respectively). The Ultimate tier is the exception, as it requires not the defeat of 3 trainers but the possession of all badges from the FB gyms in order to participate. Additionally, for Ultimate level, the challenger must possess at least six level 100 Pokémon. In the Unlike the challenges of level 1, 2 and 3, the Ultimate Gym Challenge culminates with battle against 4 UPN mods, eachm of whom will use a legendary Pokémon, making the Ultimate level more similar to the [[Elite Four]].
==Contest Halls==