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'''Fizzy Bubbles''' is a fan-made, text-based Pokémon RPG that began on [[Bulbagarden forums]] in the days of Red and Blue, within onlywhich adventuring takes placesin various pre-fabricated "zones". At first, the game centered on on Water Pokémon, and there was only a single Fizzy Zone, hence the name Fizzy Bubbles. More zones were added over the next few years, but the game was shut down when [[Bulbagarden forums|BMG]]'s site went down. It was revived on October 22nd, 2002 on [[Ultimate Pokémon Network|UPN]] before expanding to the [[]] forums, and later back to the [[Bulbagarden forums]]. Although training Pokémon is a part of the game, it is not the focus. The main part of the game happens in a number of different zones, where players can have various adventures. The adventure is determined by an updater (a ZA or ZO) who create obstacles that the player must find a way around. The player's job is to make decisions as to where to go, and the general mission.
Although training Pokémon is a part of the game, the focus is much more on the roleplaying aspect, and there are many other facets to ganmeplay. Trainers can battle each other, participate in contests & gym challenges, enjoy the services of a variety of shops (such as Jirachi's Casino or the Cable Club), and more.
There are a number of shops available for the player to use. These include a daycare, where up to two Pokémon can gain a level per week for free, and an arcade, where players can play Flash games for prizes. In addition to be used for raising levels of Pokémon, [[Vitamin#Rare Candy|Rare Candies]] are used as currency in the zone. One free Rare Candy is given to each player in the Pokémart on Monday. However, this is not the only way to obtain them.
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The roleplaying zones in which members can adventure in are spread over the respective forums of UPNetwork, and Bulbagarden, in the form of threads. Registered members are only allowed to enter up to three zones at once, except on special occasions such as in-zone campaigns. Zones are usually capped if an updater is unable to take any more updatees.
=====Current Zones=====
UponThe joiningsecond Fizzymain Bubbles,part shops allowof the playergameplay toof collectFB {{DL|Vitamin|Rareis Candy|Rarethe Candies}}shops, andwhich purchaseoffer a wide rangeplethora of [[item]]sservices to improvethe theirplayer's team.Pokémon, Mostsuch shopsas offerthe servicessale toof theitems, playerraising a Pokémon's Pokémon,stats (such as raising their Levellevel, Contestcontest Statsstats, or Happinesstameness), recolouring, etc. It is worth noting that a Pokémon used in a shop cannot be used in any other shops or zones until it has completed its shop stay. Shops usually open once on a weekly basis, with the majority of shops opening on a Monday. Although Serebii and Bulbagarden both feature the same available shops, UPN offers a range of exclusive shops not found on either of those boards. With the exception of the UPN-exclusive shops, players can only post in the shops on their "Home Board" (the forums they registered at FB with), to prevent players from potentially circumventing shop-specific usage limits.
Aside from being used to raise the levels of Pokémon, Rare Candies [[Vitamin#Rare Candy|Rare Candies]] are also used in FB as currency. One free Rare Candy is given to each player in the Pokémart on Monday. However, this is not the only way to obtain them. More recently, [[Coin]]s have also been established as an alternative currency, and many shops will use both, with some specialising in one or the other (e.g. the FB Bank and the Coin Exchange for the storage of each separately).
=====List of shops=====
| During the month of October each year the Breeding Center allows members to Pokémon breed their Pokémon
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==Time Out==
Due to the spradic nature of zone updates, each branch of FB is equipped with Time Out areas for players to enjoy when the game is running a little slow. Here, players can entertain each other, with simple discussions of the game and such to full-on player-operated zones, as with The Trainer-only Nightclub on BMGf, and The Fizzytopian Parks & Gardens of SPPf, for example.