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== Route 34 ==
[[File:Johto Route 34 Map.png|thumb|Route 34]]
[[File:DaycareDay Care HGSS.png|thumb|left|Inside the Daycare, with Skitty and Wailord]]
Route 34 is a fairly short route that connects Ilex Forest and Goldenrod City, but one of the most important areas in the game is located here. The [[Pokémon Daycare]], like its counterpart on Kanto's Route 5, allows Trainers to leave their Pokémon to be raised by an elderly couple. As you approach, Lyra/Ethan shows up to visit the couple, who is revealed to be her/his grandparents. Your neighbor gives you her/his phone number before leaving, and the Daycare Man stops you on your way out to give you both his and his wife's numbers. This way, you can call to check on your Pokémon anytime. Any Pokémon left here will gain 1 EXP for every step you take. However, the Johto Daycare accepts up to two Pokémon to raise at once. If both a male and female are left together, you may return to find that the old couple has found an egg. Keep the egg in your party like you did with [[Mr. Pokémon]]'s {{p|Togepi}}, and it will hatch a few hours later. This is the only way to get more members of a certain species (like {{p|Eevee}}) and baby Pokémon (like {{p|Pichu}})! If you don't have a compatible male-female pair, not to worry - track down a {{p|Ditto}}; that shapeshifting blob can mate with almost anything.