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Roulette wheels
[[File:Game Corner Roulette wheel.png|right|thumb|The roulette wheel]]
The roulette wheel has twelve spaces. Each space has one of three colors and one of four Pokémon: yellow, green, and purple; {{p|Makuhita}}, {{p|Azurill}}, {{p|Skitty}}, and {{p|Wynaut}}). By betting where a ball will land, players can win [[Coin]]s.
Bets can be placed in three different ways: by single space, by color, or by Pokémon. Winning a bet by space returns twelve times as much as was originally bet, by Pokémon yields four times the amount bet, and winning by color gives three times as much. Each ball remains on the wheel until the wheel is reset, once six balls have been put into play. This changes the odds for future bets, as only one ball can fit into each space.