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* The festival is also the first time {{an|Misty}} is seen with her hair down.
* The {{p|Gastly}} in this episode is the only known one to date that is able to speak and shape-shift.
* This is the first episode to feature another Pokémon, other than {{MTR}}, that is able to [[Talking Pokémon|talk]] without telepathy. The second is [[A Shipful of Shivers]].
* The kanji on the fire extinguisher Gastly uses to extinguish Ash's Charmander's tail flame was left unedited in the dub.
* In the {{pmin|the Arab world|Arabic dub}}, this episode was removed for unknown reasons, likely because of the extensive representation of spirits and ghosts in ways that are against Islamic culture. It was also removed from the Korean dub.