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At first, Snivy and the others are overpowered by the three Pokémon belonging to the Gym Leaders but eventually gain the upper hand when they use teamwork. Snivy was defeated by Chili's {{p|Pansear}} after it made itself stronger with {{m|Work Up}}. Luckily, Tep managed to grab some of Pansage's leaves and feeds them to Snivy and Oshawott, rejuvenating them. Just as they are revived, the match's time limit ends, allowing Cheren, Bianca, and Black to win with 3-2.
In Driftveil City, Cheren was attacked by two Team Plasma Grunts and had Snivy taken from him. With the help of Black and his newly-evolved {{p|Tranquill}}, Cheren managed to free Snivy from its captors. Together, with Black's [[Nite]], Snivy defeated the Grunt's Pokémon with a {{m|Grass Pledge}} and {{m|Fire Pledge}} combination.
==Moves used==
{{anmov|Grass|Vine Whip|ABW09|Welcome To Striaton City!!}}
{{anmov|Normal|Wrap|ABW10|Their First Gym Battle}}
{{anmov|Grass|Grass Pledge|Black & White chapter (Adventures)|UnknownABW31}}
{{Cheren's Pokémon Adv|Grass}}
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