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Totodile battles a wild {{p|Bellsprout}} for training where it defeats Bellsprout with Water Gun despite the type-disadvantage. After the battle, it took on {{OBP|Tsubaki|JBA}}'s {{p|Chikorita}}. Things got rough for Totodile when Chikorita started with {{m|Tackle}}. Chikorita even dodged Water Gun which left Totodile vulnerable to Chikorita. Chikorita finishes off Totodile with {{m|Razor Leaf}} but Jou protects Totodile from the attack. Totodile gets back up, much to Tsubaki's and Chikorita's surprise. After a long and tough battle, Totodile managed to defeat Chikorita with a powerful Bite.
When [[Kurt]] was in trouble, Jou and Totodile come to his rescue after they witness the {{p|Slowpoke}} being mistreated by Team Rocket who want their tails for profit. However, before Totodile got a chance to battle them, Petrel sends out his Zubat to take their place. Zubat severly injured Totodile with {{m|Wing Attack}}. Petrel sends out his Koffing to join in the fun. Totodile gets up and is once again hit by Zubat's Wing Attack. Jou then supports Totodile to not give up. Totodile delivers the finishing blow to Zubat and Koffing, with the latter using {{m|Selfdestruct}}, causing an explosion and fainted.
<!--[[File:Jou Croconaw.png|thumb|left|As a Croconaw]]-->
Later, Totodile camewas used to Jou's rescue when abattle [[Red GyaradosMorty]] waswhere aboutit tobattled attackwith himhis and{{p|Haunter}} [[Lance]]first. RigorousTotodile thenstarted participatedthings inoff with Leer and then used a Doublesupereffective BattleBite. whereHaunter ittosses alliedTotodile withoff [[Lance'sand Dragonite]]is againstcaught [[Ariana]]by Jou. Totodile uses Bite again and [[Petrel]]finishes Haunter off with Water Gun. DuringTotodile's thenext battle,opponent thewas RedGengar. GyaradosGengar comeswas byvery andtough as actsits friendlypunch towardsent Totodile, bondingflying. aTotodile friendshipcountered betweenwith the twoCrunch and Joufinished Gengar off with Water Gun.
Totodile evolvedcame intoto Jou's rescue when a Croconaw[[Red Gyarados]] was about to attack him and again[[Lance]]. intoIt abattled Feraligatrwith sometimethe beforeRed ProfessorGyarados Elmuntil Gyarados got afatigued. phoneTotodile call.then Whenparticipated Jouin wasa atDouble Mt.Battle Silver,where Feraligatrit wasallied sentwith out[[Lance's toDragonite]] battleagainst multiple[[Ariana]] {{p|Golbat}}and [[Petrel]]. During the battle, athe {{p|Sneasel}}Red andGyarados ancomes {{p|Ursaring}}.by Feraligatrand wasacts lastfriendly seentoward whereTotodile, itbonding wasa aboutfriendship tobetween battlethe {{ga|Red'stwo Pikachu}}and Jou.
When Jou and Totodile were in Team Rocket's base. Totodile took on Team Rocket's Pokémon and was joined by Tsubaki's Chikorita who was now a Meganium. They had their second rival battle with the results almost being the same as last time with Meganium giving Totodile problems. Totodile managed to pull through and defeated Meganium with Ice Fang. Totodile, along with Meganium, continued their battle with Team Rocket, showing a newfound respect for each other. After the Team Rocket grunts's Pokémon were subdued, Archer sent out his {{p|Houndoom}} to deal with them. Totodile quickly defeated Houndoom though.
[[File:Jou and Feraligatr.png|thumb|Jou and Feraligatr]]
After Team Rocket's defeat, Totodile was shown battling the Johto Elite Four where it managed to sweep all four members including [[Karen]]'s {{p|Umbreon}}. Doing so unlocked the Champion room where the champion was none other than Lance. Totodile dealt with Lance's {{p|Charizard}} first. Charizard's attacks started to overwhelm Totodile but Totodile still fought hard. During the battle, Jou gave Totodile a good luck charm which allowed it to defeat Charizard with Aqua Tail. Totodile's next opponent was Dragonite. Dragonite was way stronger than Totodile since it could resist attacks from Totodile and the moves Dragonite used were powerful. Dragonite's strength overwhelmed Totodile so much that it was almost over. Just when Totodile got finished off by Dragonite's {{m|Hyper Beam}}, flashbacks of the battle occured which made Totodile get back up. Totodile removed its good luck charm and got back in the battle. Totodile jumped and landed an Ice Fang on Dragonite, taking it out.
Totodile evolved into a Croconaw and again into a Feraligatr sometime before Professor Elm got a phone call. Feraligatr was shown battling {{ga|Blue}}'s {{p|Pidgeot}} and defeating it. 
Jou went to Mt. Silver where he sent out Feraligatr to battle multiple {{p|Golbat}}, a {{p|Sneasel}} and an {{p|Ursaring}}. Feraligatr was last seen where it was about to battle {{ga|Red's Pikachu}}.
==Personality and characteristics==
<!--[[File:Feraligatr, as a Totodile, became best friends with Jou andever Feraligatrsince it was chosen as Jou's starter Pokémon.png|thumb| A running gag would be when Totodile would usually try to bite Jou andwhenever Feraligatr]]-->it was excited about something, much to Jou's annoyance.
Feraligatr, as a Totodile, became best friends with Jou ever since it was chosen as Jou's starter Pokémon.
==Moves used==
{{anmov/h|water||Jou {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 6}}|0=Totodile Scratch|1=Totodile Water Gun|2=Totodile Bite|3=Totodile Surf|4=Totodile Ice Fang|5=Feraligatr Aqua Tail}}.png|Using {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 6}}|0=Scratch<br/>as a Totodile|1= Water Gun<br/>as a Totodile|2=Bite<br/>as a Totodile|3=Surf<br/>as a Totodile|4=Ice Fang<br/>as a Totodile|5=Aqua Tail}}}}
{{anmov|normal|Scratch|JBA1|Aim to be the Strongest! The Hot-Blooded Brotherly Combination!!}}
{{anmov|water|Water Gun|JBA1|Aim to be the Strongest! The Hot-Blooded Brotherly Combination!!}}
{{anmov|dark|Bite|JBA1|Aim to be the Strongest! The Hot-Blooded Brotherly Combination!!}}
{{anmov|normal|Leer|JBA3|The Johto Region's Disaster!!}}
{{anmov|dark|Crunch|JBA3|The Johto Region's Disaster!!}}
{{anmov|water|Surf|JBA4|Jou VS Team Rocket}}
{{anmov|ice|Ice Fang|JBA4|Jou VS Team Rocket}}