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[[File:Jou Totodile.png|thumb|left|As a Totodile]]
[[Professor Elm]] gave Jou a Feraligatr when it was a Totodile. Since then, the two became good friends and were willing to work with each other. Totodile's first battle was against [[Falkner]]'s {{p|Pidgey}}. wherePidgey itstarted managedthings tooff defeat Pidgey, earning thewith {{badgem|ZephyrSand-Attack}} forwhich itsrendered Trainer.most of Totodile's thenattacks useless, especially Scratch. battledAs a wildresult, {{p|Bellsprout}}Pidgey andended won.up Aftergetting the battle,upper hand. Jou gave it tooksome onsupport {{OBP|Tsubaki|JBA}}'safter {{p|Chikorita}}noticing that it had trouble handling its opponent. AfterWith athe longsupport andthat toughTotodile was battlegiven, itTotodile managedtried to defeatuse ChikoritaScratch again and it made contact with Pidgey, defeating it.
Totodile battles a wild {{p|Bellsprout}} for training where it defeats Bellsprout with Water Gun despite the type-disadvantage. After the battle, it took on {{OBP|Tsubaki|JBA}}'s {{p|Chikorita}}. Things got rough for Totodile when Chikorita started with {{m|Tackle}}. Chikorita even dodged Water Gun which left Totodile vulnerable to Chikorita. Chikorita finishes off Totodile with {{m|Razor Leaf}} but Jou protects Totodile from the attack. Totodile gets back up, much to Tsubaki's and Chikorita's surprise. After a long and tough battle, Totodile managed to defeat Chikorita with a powerful Bite.
When [[Kurt]] was in trouble, Jou and Totodile come to his rescue after they witness the {{p|Slowpoke}} being mistreated by Team Rocket who want their tails for profit.
<!--[[File:Jou Croconaw.png|thumb|As a Croconaw]]-->
Totodile came to Jou's rescue when a [[Red Gyarados]] was about to attack him and [[Lance]]. Rigorous then participated in a Double Battle where it allied with [[Lance's Dragonite]] against [[Ariana]] and [[Petrel]]. During the battle, the Red Gyarados comes by and acts friendly toward Totodile, bonding a friendship between the two and Jou.
Totodile evolved into a Croconaw and again into a Feraligatr sometime before Professor Elm got a phone call. When Jou was at Mt. Silver, Feraligatr was sent out to battle multiple {{p|Golbat}}, a {{p|Sneasel}} and an {{p|Ursaring}}. Feraligatr was last seen where it was about to battle {{ga|Red's Pikachu}}.
<!--[[File:Jou Croconaw.png|thumb|As a Croconaw]]-->
==Personality and characteristics==